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Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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The thing about the double spread, and this is just my talentless opinion and i don't know if it means anything, but because Jinbei is so big Oda could've put him behind Sanji in a more clear way, just like Chopper and Franky who are both huge, so they can be behind and still get attention.

However, Oda chose to not only put Jinbei in a placement where no one was blocking him from the front, he also put Jinbei right beside Luffy. So even if Jinbei really is behind, and Sanji is at the front like a lot of people are saying, Oda made the choice of puting Sanji to the side a little more, instead of right in front of Jinbei, giving him the biggest slice of the spread and the left page especially.

Now, i don't think this has any meaning on strenght or role (Vice-Captain), it could just be Oda trying to give Jinbei a lot of space since this is his first spread. But i do think Sanji got a little bit the end of the stick on this one, Brook is also close to not being in there.
Jinbei is currently above both Sanji ans Zoro on every metric you can think. After Wano though things will be different. The bounty chapter will be insane after this arc.
Robin > Big Meme :suresure:
Also, i thought Queen was vegan, so why did he bite Luffy? :queenhear:

Double spread with all the straw hats together, yaasss :steef:

Brook and Jinbe humiliated big mom on WCI, nami took zeus, chopper blocked her attack :saden:

Now its Franky's and Robin's turn :cantseeme:

So which straw hat still hasn't had a go at Big Meme yet? :ihaha:

Just Zoro i think? He's gonna cut off all of Big Mom's fat, then she'll be called Big Mom Skinny Mom. :milaugh:
Well that's Good so King 's attack made Sanji bleeding from his face like when sanji got injured from Doffy's named attack and the suit is what protected him and following what he said last chapter and this if that was base Sanji he would have been dead he even find it difficult to talk and a lot of things happened and only by then did sanji get up so RS is a good Power up for Sanji while Zoro / luffy want to go to fight Kaido that speaks a lot of hype for them they were even undamaged from Queen's attack without using suit or anything and finally just to let ppl know King is in front of Zoro and Queen in front of Jinbei and Sanji i don't know how will oda do his match up ?
In no way is zoro fighting queen and sanji fighting king...goes against everything oda has shown...tho oda may yet again prove me wrong...although i do agree that zoro ain't fight kaido, due to luffy telling them to protect his back and everyone (his crew saying they will, this includes zoro)
He's gonna fight Kaido
No matter if u like it or not
Jinbe is not behind Sanji.
But sure, following this logic, Zoro stands the most front and Luffy is behind him

Look again. Either Franky or Chopper also has a box of dialogue. So this means shit.
No, everything is skewed at an angle towards where Luffy is. He is closest to the readers, followed by Zoro and then Sanji.

They even get the bits of dialogue that follow the exact same sequence.

Can you guys really not see this ? It's funny to me :milaugh:
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