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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 993
Title: Wano Kuni's Dream

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Wow absolutely amazing chapter, kudos to Oda!

- First of all, we are going for a yamato vs sasaki, looks clean she one shotted a gifter.

- Luffy and Sanji arguing was funny, and Sanji being jealous of Jimbei was gold too!
Jimbei is too kind, he didn't search to fight with the cook :suresure:

- Also nice to see the castle plan, so there are 5 floors and 2 undergrood floors. I think we might see many enemies and all Calamities in each floors. Black Maria, Sasaki, Who's Who, Hawkins, Queen, Jack and the last one is gonna be the one and only King.
Luffy needs more people to come with him in order to let him move forward and fighting the ennemies.
Probably with Law/Kid/Killer/Zoro and Drake after ...

- Queen ultimate weapon "the Koori Oni" ice demon design is sick, more than the actual BP and Samurai lmao! And the thing it's gonna spread more and more ? wow! Don't know how Zoro, Drake and others SHP are gonna do now!

- Now the main thing happened in this chapter, a 100% chapter for the theory Zoro killing Kaido (ZKK).
At first we have the people enjoying the parties and said "orochi is gonna be sliced, kaido is gonna be sliced" well one already happened, so second incoming ?
You have a dude saying "no one would die tonight".

And the whole Kaido vs Scabbards :
Shutenmaru "it's gonna be hard to cut his neck". And Kaido himself "I am not against dying but you are too weak. As i thought, no Samurai will be strong as Oden and you don't have enough strength".

Oda just dropped this thing just after the previous chapter with Zoro eating a bowl with a blue dragon. At this point, it's pretty much confirmed at 100% Kaido will die at the end and probably by Zoro in order to reflect the image of Ryuma who delivers Wano from a dragon. It's not even a joke and if you are denying it, i don't know what to say about your thinking process.

Of course there is always a probability someone else will kill Kaido but we can't deny Zoro is the main contender because Luffy doesn't kill people or any thing.

The last panel with Kaido cutting Kiku's arm, after the Orochi's head panel are enough to tell you that Kaido is savage so Oda can totally show a severed dragon head in the manga.
You can enjoy all ZKK believers, nothing to say more :datas:

- And of course King totally taking charge of the war and giving orders to everyone and they follow him without any issue!
"Bring me his head" FM for ya!! :steef:

Thanks you GODA!
The way how Kaido and Oden respect each other even though beeing enemies is great, both acknowledged each power and show kinda some respect.

Oden about Kaido:

Kaido about Oden:

They way how both threat each as monster and don´t see somebody else can surpass them is nice to read, like the way how both view each other.
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Great chapter.

I am happy to see Lola get married, hope that’s the end of the Bege’s cover story.

It seems like we might getting Yamato vs Sasaki which should be a pretty interesting fight for sure

Jinbei taking Sanji’s spotlight was funny hell, I miss these interactions among the crew honestly.

We might be getting Luffy and his 3 commanders vs Kaido in the future which would be pretty damn exciting.

The figure we see on page 6 maybe foreshadowing something to do with “Boundman”?

Queen is honestly a beast man, the guy has such a vast arsenal of bullets to his repertoire.

Kaido has used (Fire/Lightning/Wind) during his attacks, makes you wonder what else he knows.

Damn that last panel is flipping brutal, I am sorry to say it’s GG Scabbards.
Enjoyable chapter overall. Lola getting married after 500+ chapters sure is a sight to behold. Pound "dying" to congratulate Chiffon on her wedding but now getting to attend Lola's. I love how Capone went from a cruel mafia father to a loving biological father and now a non-criminal godfather. Since the cover serial doesn't seem to be complete, it looks like we're in for one final twist.

King and Queen looking impressive this week. We saw Commander Lindbergh's Cool Shooter spray bullets that could freeze the weapons of pirates. Queen's Ice Oni will not only freeze you, you'll transform into an ice-covered demon, attack your allies (and Beast fodder), infect them and make them transform as well. The power of a legitimate Plague Devil Fruit is being replicated with Queen's science. Queen doesn't get nearly enough respect for his technological contribution to what is otherwise Kaido's crew of Zoan muscleheads. With Mummy and Ice Oni, I suppose each plague bullet will be themed after a different monster.

King is rather clever analyzing the Samurai forces and using the Tobiroppo scattered around the dome to target the symbol of resistance, Kozuki survivor Momo, to crush their fighting spirit at once. We find out the magical eye paper several Beast Pirates wear can be used to transmit visual information to Kaido's secretary/Headliner Bao Huang, sort of like the Vivre Cards pointing to and giving you information on someone's life force. Sasaki finally pulls up in a sick flaming throne on top of a rhyno Gifter with his entourage, including the legendary Stag Beetle who survived Zoro. It's a good thing Yamato was chasing around Momo all those chapters, his life right now is in fake daddy Oden's hands. Sasaki in the Armored Squad hinted to be a Triceratops or Ankylosaurus Zoan? Just have him fight Franky in the rhyno bike and be related to Kokoro and I'm all set.

Kaido was merely pretending to be hurt...right, I always believed in ya boss. When Luffy thrashed Kaido with G3/G4, when Hawkins said Kid and Killer fought Kaido to the point of exhaustion, seems pretty in-character for Kaido to lumber around and let his opponents get their stabs in. The man still has a wish to die, just not a lame one like drowning in the ocean or eating a second DF. Maybe he feels bad for doing Oden dirty and let the Scabbards have their best shot. But they failed!

Regardless of his reasons, Kaido has seen the Scabbards won't deliver his death and he's had enough. To simply roar a series of slicing winds is badass. For Kiku, wearing all that armor, fighting in the element of snow, dodging lightning only to get hit with a wind that cuts the katana itself (likely a famed blade) is a great shame. But hey, there's Inu, Neko, Kyros in Dressrosa, Law in Dressrosa, Yonko Shanks, who needs spare limbs anyway. Losing the entire shoulder, however, would mean massive bloodshed that's difficult to stop. Luffy, Sanji, maybe Jinbe and the rest on their way to the roof but unfortunately we've been given a schematic that they're barely on level B1. The Scabbards are doomed.

Black Maria's shamisen from last chapter is followed up by Wano citizens adding more instruments to the mix. Wanokuni is dreaming about the samurai and honoring their Guardian Myo, little do they know the battle is destined to involve them in the Wano mainland. While Kaido declaring the Scabbards can't kill him and Kiku losing an arm or more represents the tide turning in the rooftop battle, it's not quite the cliffhanger to end a volume on. Volume 95 ended with 964, Volume 96 ended with 974, Volume 97 ended with 984, therefore something much bigger next week possibly timed with an Oda break is a good prediction. I imagine the Scabbards hold on until just before Luffy reaches the roof, but with plenty of bodies to spare we could see one of them drop as soon as next chapter. Fair to say Kiku paid the toll to avoid being the first death.
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