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𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
I know BM wasn't serious or anything like that. Marco even said that she is extremely dangerous, but I'm not sure why Oda decided to portray her like that again.
Either way, I had a laugh since a lot of people around the internet believe that Big Mom would murder stomp Marco leaving him on the ground and advance further. Yikes.
Imagine if Marco's flame of rebirth works similar to how Naruto was spreading his nine tails chakra across the battlefield.

Anybody who gets touched will be healed from the virus and go back to peak condition. Marco will heal Usopp and Nami and many others of the alliance.

He'll be the game changer.

Oda already confirmed that Marco's flames will have a crucial role in the future in an sbs, he was probably talking about this.
Blunt weapon vs sharp ass blade that's hyped for mass channeling haki. It's a brutal difference between Vergo and Zoro (not to mention Law has used an attack that was used as a finisher on Doflamingo to try to kill Vergo)
It's not even blunt vs sharp

Zolo's base weapon before CoA coating was a graded sword
Vergo's base weapon before CoA coating was some plant
Or he could be thinking of him ??? Makes more logical sense...cause how tf can he even see Drake.

So no again. He learns about Sanji being Vinsmoke, then Zoro, them is still suprised about Sanji. Logically hed go through the bounty posters with the people having the highest bounty first.

And Sanji is robbed. He never got his Bounty in Alabasta, he never got anything for closing the gates of jutice and fucking up the Buster Call ships, and of course he never got anything for his Yonko lvl cake which led a Yonko away and knocked her out.

And again it is Sanji's poor interpretation of that matter....but Sanji is called one of the main conspiritors against Big Mom. He deserved that bounty. He saved and led Germa within the Tea Party....essentially being their leader.

And if were talking about a person who doesnt deserve their bounty. Look at Zoro who got a 200 mill increase for defeating trash like Pica...whilst Luffy only got 100 mill for Doffy. His shit is overinflated for no good reason at all.
So we have a panel of drake and Zoro attacking Apoo just next to a panel of Queen talking about Drake and your conclusion is that he was just thinking about him? Really?

If Queen just learned that Sanji is a Vinsmoke that means that neither Drake, nor Hawkins spoke to him since the capital incident? Really?

The fact that you considered that Sanji was robbed or that Pica is trash is your interpretation, not manga fact. Manga facts are:

-All of Zoro’s bounty raise are based on his accomplishments as a fighter
-All of Sanji’s bounty raise are not based on his accomplishments as a fighter. He got 100 millions raise after Dressrosa (50 by association and 50 thanks to

So yeah, if you are right (and you probably not), Queen is judging that Sanji is the strongest base on an inflated bounty.
But if you good with that, I’m good too mate :kayneshrug:
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