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Apoo's goes around making shit explosions

Here you see Vergo causing massive amounts of collateral damage and the whole railing system buckles from the force of Vergo's breath. This was after being fazed with Law's 2nd most lethal attack that was a finisher used against Doffy, only Law used 2 hands to generate signifcantly more potential against Vergo
Andanyone should agree Smoker does more damage than Sanji ever did from a similarly placed kick, and look at the damage Smoker does to the railing and compare that to Vergo

Let's see what actual cheat Apoo used to be able to block Zoro's Enma strike and hybrid X Drake. Anyone here thinks Apoo can legitimately block Zoro and X Drake with tonfas is crazy
Why do bring Vergo into everything? I get that you like him but this is some crazy obsession that you have with him, you are even making the extreme Zoro and Sanji wankers look normal now lol.
I must say Sulong Wanda is a complete dissapoinment lol

It's kinda unfair for only Carrot to get somewhat good design
If this is the turning point for the alliance to lose ( based off the scabbards, Nami and usopp )

Perospero might not be able to handle a 1v2

I hope Smoothie comes in and claps these two easily. Jack can tank a whole sulong army, Smoothie should be able to ( at most ) mid diff 2 of them
It definitely reinforces how even women like Nami aren’t safe from getting bloodied up, as she isn’t untouchable. Makes me wonder how she’ll think of her own attacking capabilities when she reflects upon this bloody experience.
I mean I kinda agree but like I said Nami's last real fight / injury was enies lobby. Also robin got a bloody back in dressrosa but I want her to get banged up just as bad.
I really like the direction Oda is taking with Queen here.
Establishing his scientific background with Judge, which in turn would lead up to his fight with Sanji is amazing. This by extension would flesh out Sanji's character arc even more which is always welcome.
Queen being in the same research team with Vegapunk and Judge is laying groundwork for the eventual info dump regarding the ancient giants, devil fruits and by virtue of those two the lineage factor too.
This naturally would propel us to a Vegapunk centric arc after Wano. Again, cannot reiterate enough how much I'm liking this.
Not open for further replies.