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Thanks to Korean leaker, Redon & Himiko !
Title "Kunoichi's Oath"

- Marco vs Big Mom, Marco’s flame can damaged Prometheus
- Big Mom grabbed Marco, and Perospero was about to attack Marco, Carrot and Wanda in the sulong form.
- Big Mom put down Marco and walked away, Carrot and Wanda ask Marco to chase Big Mom, Perospero and the others will deal with Carrot and Wanda
- Apoo running around Onigashima
- Queen mumbled to the straw hat group "Unexpectedly there is a son/bloodline of Germa"
- Chopper infected with an ice demon
- Usopp vs. Ulti, Usopp was hit by "울두군 털림"
- Ulti catch Nami and saying "Your captain can't become Pirate King"
- Nami replied "Luffy will definitely become Pirate King."
- From what you see in one of the images, Tama and Komachiyo (her pet) appears at the end of the chapter where Page One are.

Thanks to @BangMi to notifie & TalkOP for translate

NO BREAK NEXT WEEK and we will have early chapter release (Wednesday)

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No Break next week and we will have early chapter release (Wednesday)​

Chapter 995: "The Kunoichi's Oath"

- Marco Vs. Big Mom. Marco's flames can hurt Prometheus.
- Big Mom grabs Marco.
- Perospero is about to attack Marco, but Carrot and Wanda in their sulong form come to face him.
- Big Mom leaves Marco.
- Carrot and Wanda ask Marco to follow Big Mom, Perospero and others will take care of Carrot and Wanda.
- Apoo running around Onigashima.
- Queen tells the Straw Hats "Wow, I didn't expect there to be someone with Germa's blood."
- Chopper is infected by the Queen plague of the "Ice Oni/Demon".
- Usopp Vs. Ulti, she hits Usopp.
- Ulti catches Nami and says "Your captain cannot become the King of the Pirates".
- Nami tells him "I have no doubts, Luffy will become the King of the Pirates".
- From what you see in one of the images, Tama and Komachiyo (her pet) appears at the end of the chapter where Page One are.

source : Redon & TalkOP
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Build King (New Series/Cover/LCP/60p) by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
One Piece
My Hero Academia
Mission: Yozakura Family (CP/25p)
Dr. Stone
Me and Roboco
Jujutsu Kaisen Side Story
Chainsaw Man
Phantom Seer (CP)
Ayakashi Triangle
Hakaishin Magu-chan
Shakunetsu no Niraikanai
Shinrin Ouja Moriking
We Never Learn
Undead Unluck
Agravity Boys
High School Family
Our Blood Oath
Black Clover (Absent)
Cover & LCP: Sakamoto Days by Suzuki Yuuto
CP: Build King, Black Clover, and Mashle
Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forum.

Chapter 995: "Kunoichi's oath".

In the cover page, Luffy is lazing around in class. His teacher is an owl and his classmates are the Risky Kyoudai from Thriller Bark (the squirrels).

Marco tries to stop Big Mom from joining the battle in Onigashima, so they clash. Marco says he isn't sure yet what will be his role in this battle, but he knows how dangerous Big Mom is better than Luffy and the other.

Prometheus' fire clashes with Marco's phoenix fire, Prometheus loses since phoenix fire is a special type of flame. Big Mom grabs Marco by his neck and holds him up so Perospero can shoot him with his "Candy Arrow".

Carrot and Wanda attack Perospero together in their sulong form. Perospero's face is slashed with 2 claw marks with a lot of blood. Wanda tells Marco they will take care of Perospero themselves.

Big Mom is annoyed that she's wasting time with smaller battles.

Big Mom: "If you want to kill me, we can settle this later.
I have no soul to use on you right now."

Then Big Mom flies back in Zeus to Onigashima's castle. Marco hears the sound of people screaming about Ice Oni coming from the castle.

Back to Onigashima main stage. Brook caught Queen's "Koorioni" but it does no damage to him since he has no blood or flesh. Queen looks Sanji's Wanted poster.

Queen: "So Judge’s son is in this crew. Vinsmoke Judge..."

Apoo attacks people chasing him with "Don!" exploding music. Zoro and Drake attack Apoo together, Apoo panics but he manages to block them both with a tonfa.

Chopper looks at Brook and realizes something about the Koorioni's condition but then he realizes he also caught it. One of his arm is now covered in ice.

Cut to Ulti & Page One Vs. Usopp & Nami.

Nami is knocked to the ground, covered in blood. Usopp fights Ulti, he uses "Midori Boshi: Devil" to grab Ulti. Usopp is about to melt her, but Page One bites the plant and saves Ulti.

Usopp then uses "Midori Boshi: Take Javelin" to pierce Page One, but Ulti attacks him with a headbutt. Usopp's skull breaks and we see the same image as when he fought with Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas in Arabasta.

Ulti then grabs Nami and says she's really angry with Luffy becouse he announced that he will beat Kaidou and will become Pirate King.

Ulti: "I will spare you if you say "Our captain will never become the Pirate King"!!"

Nami replies Ulti crying and bloodied.

Nami: "Luffy WILL BECOME the Pirate King!!!"

Ulti is about to kill Nami, but Otama and Komachiyo appear out of nowhere. Komachiyo bites Ulti's head...

END. No break next week.


General of the Night

Translated by @PuckTheGreat

Lilin: So annoying!! Being so far away from the battlefield!

Linlin: Don't bring your petty problems to me!! Do what you want!!

Linlin: Marco! If you wanna kiil me, save it for next time!!!

Linlin: I don't have any souls I can use against you at the moment!! (Puck Note: I'd like to interpret this as Lilin saying that she can't afford to waste any souls on Marco atm but I need more context to deduce that so will go with the literal interpretation ^^")

Wanda: Go Marco!! Leave this guy to us!!

Perorin: .......!!

???: Gyaaaaa! Save me!! I'll turn into a demon!!

???: Guooooh!!!

Marco: What the hell is that!?


Translation thanks to @PuckTheGreat
Drake : I've hated you for a very long time!
Apoo : !!
Apoo : Likewise you fools!!!
Queen : Drake, that bastard...as soon he got exposed, he completely changed sides!
Queen : Dialogue is empty for some reason
Queen : Still...to think that Judge's son was part of their crew...
Queen : Vinsmoke Judge...

Translation thanks to @PuckTheGreat
Wanda : So this is the guy that killed pedro!
Carrot : That's right! If this guy wasn't there then Pedro would still...
Perospero : That idiot Pedro, blew himself up!!
Perospero : If anything, I'm the one that's suffering coz of him!!
Carrot : I'm well aware that Pedro died for this war/I know that Pedro's death is connected to this war
Pedro (flashback) : Proceed Onwards!!
Marco : Who are you girls?
Carrot : You're Marco, Boss Nekomamushi's friend right?
Marco : Yeah that's right!
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Weekly Shônen Jump issue cover :

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Zoro: Hand it over!

Apoo: !!

Apoo: !!!

Apoo: Wait just one damn minute!! You two coming at me at once is a bit too much no!?

Zoro: I want to go and assist Kin'emon and the others!!

Zoro: Fighting with you will just/only be a waste of my time!!

This dialog is related to this image :

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