One Piece Episode 1017 - A Barrage of Powerful Techniques! The Fierce Attacks of the Worst Generation!

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it is
lmfao kaido s dragon form is fast simple
no need to be salty
Nope, speed is not passive stat. How funny that manga didn't show Kaidou dodging the attack. Even in anime, let us say it looked he dodged the attack, but whenever someone blitzes, they the speed on screen or panel. Besides, Kaidou is not using or being serious like he was when he used FS. Everything with you people is either salty or cope, lol. This childish tantrums. 🤣
:suresure:It is amazing how people are so desperate to always use anime scenes to prove their points.

Dragon kaido was shown dodging Luffy's g4 punches only clearly on panels
There's no panl of Kaido dodging Zoro

When Kaido dodged luffy, luffy didn't "damn im missing " but rather commented on why Kaido is dodging him

Not surprised you guys love using anime and also saying it not canon when it hyped Sanji or others.

Bring me Panels of Kaido dodging and statements from him and Zoro that he dodged
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Yep apparently

Kaido Not using FS
Hell he’s not even moving…
The AP kind of impressive, the Attack speed abysmal tho. its so damn slow all Kaido had to do was move his head 2 centimeters.
:josad: zoro has attack speed on boundman level tho
He has great accuracy too

Look at him missing a huge Dragon lol

Kaido stayed in one place...he didn't even move his body
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Anime is canon. Conditions apply (whenever they wank Zoro).
Anyways still didn't like the coloring though fighting sequences are godly. Old coloring scheme for aura is great.
The aura stuff is ruining OP anime
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Lmao. Get ready for them to boost the hell out of Zoro in chapter 1009 and 1010 :suresure:
:milaugh: as usual
kept him down the longest… an wasnt downplayed by Kaido immediately after tho
Kaido was just in disbelief that a guy would actually try and use rocks to fight him. Didn’t even bother addressing him:gokulaugh:

I am sorry for Kid lol. Pretending to be tough while Kaido, Law, and Luffy mock his attack as helpless. Kid and his fans are crying inside.
Kidd almost broke Kaido’s neck my guy:myman: