Do you like the Live Action Adaption?

  • It has issues but it could be worse.

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  • No, it's not a good adaption.

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A leaked blurry image of Shanks, it is not known if it is in one of the episodes or not

Another image of a person believed to be the stunt man of Luffy

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"ONE PIECE Netflix Live Action" Release Date and Opening will be revealed on May 31st.
I love how it has the TalkOP watermark lmao, like it came from there.
Also, it's the opening of a website, not the opening of the show. Yall are caught up in a telephone game by now, the release date part is also probably that, misinformation.
The one on the left looks welcoming and the one on the right wants your soul lmao
Well, there is a Pirate Flag too soo, it should mean DANGER. I always hated clown ship of Straw Hats, and now I'm like just saying this looks NICEEEE
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I see the difference

What version do you guys prefer?