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According to IMDB Buggy will appear in episode 2,9 and 10. The last two will be Rogue Town,and episode 2 about the fight with him? It seems they will spend 1-max. 2 episodes per island.
The amount of episodes is 8 now, not 10 anymore. IMDb is not reliable in that area.

So I would say:
  1. Romance Dawn
  2. Orange Town
  3. Syrup Village
  4. Baratie
  5. Baratie
  6. Arlong Park
  7. Arlong Park
  8. Loguetown
More or less...

And these will have a duration of about 60 minutes.

Hopefully the pilot and final episodes will have more time... That way all of Romance Dawn can be done in the pilot and also they could leave the final part of AP (after the final attack on Arlong) to the beginning of episode 8 and even maybe expand on some novel information and characters like Smoker, Tashigi, more worldbuilding and whatever during LT.
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