Do you like the Live Action Adaption?

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I don’t have high expectations. Anime isn’t really something that can be translated to Live Action unless it‘s something that’s mostly realistic. Spy X Family is a bit of both realism and fiction. There’s no crazy powers like going Super Sayian or having rubber powers, instead you have a spy, an assassin and a telepath. It’s not too crazy, so I can see it working better in a realistic environment.

But for something like One Piece? HOW?! The entire world revolves around fiction and goofy concepts. Sea Kings, DFs, Luffy’s rubber physics, Zoro’s sword skills, Sanji’s battle style, Chopper being a human reindeer, Nami’s weather powers, Robin’s DF is certainly something as well, JINBE?! :strawhatock:

Usopp wouldn’t even be a challenge. :endthis:

It just doesn’t seem possible to replicate this stuff in a real world setting and the things I mentioned were just the beginning!

But, we’ll see. Atleast we’ll get some neat recreations of the world of One Piece. That’s all I’m really looking forward to.