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- Chapter 1,037: “Law and Kid vs Big Mom”.
- Chapter starts where it stopped Luffy and Kaido keeps fighting
-This Time Kaido is fighting with his Fists and is smiling.
-Kaido tells Luffy how much he reminds him of Roger and he insults the Roger Pirates.
-Luffy is pissed and says that hes thankful to Rayleigh for the Training and how great he is
-Kaido is laughing tells Luffy he tasted Defeat against Roger and Rayleigh.
-Luffy smirks and tells him "be ready for your next one"
-Back to Kid and Law vs Big Mom
-Big Mom uses Cognac and coats him in Conquerors Haki (Fodder collapsing around)
-Law and Kid smiles and says what a crazy old Hag Big Mom is.
-Napoleon and Hera attacks Law and Kid.
-Both manage to stop Big Moms homies
-They took their attention and Big Mom attacks them with "Ikoku Souvergnity"
-Kid attracts Metal in the Air away from them. Law and Kidd switches Places thx to Laws "Shambles" with the Metal and Big Moms Homies gets hit by the Conqueroes flying Slash.
-Big Mom is angry and jumps towards them.
-Law and Kid had all that planned to bring Big Mom in a Situation full of Blindspots
In a epic Double spread we see Laws Blade in Armament Haki and "Kroom" piercing Big Moms Head + We see Kid creating a giagantic Skull with long spiky Teeths crushing Big Mom whole Body (according to the Leaker it bites trough her)

Chapter end.
Cool fan fic but no way BM is going down with only that. If WB got a couple of holes she needs to get extreme damage aswell

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Loving this new OP arc.
Perona is Toko's sister. :crazwhat:

Another believer, I love to see it!


Perona also has a lolita style which is from Japan (and thua Wano for OP ofc) too.

I always suspected Moria rescued and raised her, that she has a tragic backstory and it mirrors Kaido taking in Page One and Ulti after their father died too, as well as many characters acting as adoptive parents in OP.

When I saw Toko too, I knew there had to be a connection.

Moria I felt always was from Wano and knew Kaido from there and that was proven somewhat with the brief panel of them clashing in this arc too.
Also since Moria went to Blackbeard to try to find Absalom and now Perona is trying to follow in his footsteps and possibly lead herself into danger and even most likely death potentially (and ironically for a "ghost girl"), who else might end up following her? A certain gothic individual who has also acted as a foster father to her, is associated with Moria as a former Warlord as well! The one and only WGS and Godhawk!


I'm not quite sure where Oda is going with all of this and I don't want to get my hopes up ofc. Mihawk was busy with the Marines coming for him too, but I still feel he might go after Perona or maybe Moria will sacrifice himself to help Perona escape Blackbeard and his crew somehow and she has a heartbreaking reunion with Moria, only for it to also become an immediate goodybe and thus permanent, immediate and absolutely necessary parting between them?

Toko might really be her sister and we don't know the full names of Toko and Perona for some reason. We also found out via a Vivre Card not long ago that Yasuie isn't Toko's real father and adopted her.

This also kinda makes me think of the situation with Nami, Nojiko and Belle-mere too. Well slightly at least I guess? Nami's and Nojiko's full names are still unknown. And what was the name of the place Nami and Belle-mere were found? Okyot which is Tokyo backwards! Sure it's in the East Blue ofc, but I feel Oda is going for some kind of parallel and recurring theme here too?

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