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Chapter 1057: Farewell Wanokuni!
Cover story: Caesar Clown makes a scared face seeing Katakuri show up to fight the Vinsmokes
Law and Luffy say their farewells with Law trying to be nonchalant but he blushes when the Strawhats scream goodbye as his submarine sinks.
—Yamato freezes the water in her zoan form and catches up to the Straw Hats to the crews surprise.
—Yamato yells to make room for her but Luffy doesn’t let her in his ship.
—“Kozuki Oden” is not allowed on the Thousand Sunny.
—With the help of Franky, Yamato screams that she is “the son of Kaido, Yamato!” And is allowed onboard.
—Momonosuke and Kin’emon catch up and say farewell (takes up 75% of the chapter)
—Chapter ends in an amazing double spread showing the cast of Wano in different panels, each happier than at the start of Wano.
confirmed by @MonsterZoro