Who is the strongest Gorosei?

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- Kid vs Shanks
- Shanks uses all kind of weird haki moves, like teleporting, telekinesis, energy blasts, combined with kicks
- Kid is overwhelmed and complains that Shanks is supposed to be a simple swordsman, not a haki melee wizard
Editor's note: Shanks not a swordsman confirmed??!!
Wouldn't put it past Kidd.


is probably playing Overwatch 2
:kaidowhat: He is not a western Christian bruh. Namo is used in japan by monks that's what it is. Why will he say amen when he is a monk.
Im just showing the real translation bud
also other Abrahamic religions say amen not just Christians

Also we already know the 4 gods in one piece, which urouge also knew, so therefore whatever he is saying is inherently irrelevant because he follows no real world relegion