One Punch Man - Chapter 134 - Part 2


You let him chain your heart too?
As expected, Psykos couldn't have been dead yet, but it keeps getting surprising. Just when you thought the fight was over, Tatsumaki psychical limits are introduced. So it seems her max range is around city lvl. Her barrier introduction to block all paths was also pretty cool

I think we should also give some credit to Psykorochi who despite being overwhelmed by Tatsumaki full power, not only pushed her this far, but is already requiring continuous help from heroes(Genos and now Drive knight) to support her in moments of weakness


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Glad we're seeing Tatsumaki's limits cause damn the buffs she got compared to the webcomic. Seems city sized psychic power strains her alot.

ONE said the damage Tatsumaki got cause of Psychos in the webcomic was unbelievable so looks like kamikaze is the big factor. The big beatdown is approaching.


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It is good that Tatsu cannot use PU after PU and we can see a limit at her powers. But I agree with Chrono the fight is a mess now, just end it. It is too long, and the last part with the plane and drive night etc is unnecessary.

But I like seeing tatsu flexing, and her fake dummy was cool
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No wonder why @Shuyaku dropped OPM:whitepress:Tatsu vs Psykos fight is cool but it should have ended already :endthis: