One Punch Man Chapter 145

You mean Garou ? He should be at least as strong as Bang right now.

It's cool to see TTM is alive, and Bang is a damn boss.
yes Garou, he was able to fight Bang and his Brother while seriously injured, later on he fought Orochi.... he is now supposedly much stronger than that time so... I think its safe to say Garou was as strong as Bang before this new awakening
and the Kungfu guy is the one who was champion of competition, he is surely worth S Class Hero rank
Bang is not messing around. His Style of Fighting is really cool. BTW;
-Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist:gonope:
-Flowing Water Rock Smashing Fist:goyea:
Pig God is hiding some hidden abilities, that's a hype. I always thought just him being able to eat and digest stuff isn't really S-class worthy.??
Genos always feels guilty even though it's not his fault. He really should work on that.
That UGLY THING got MORE UGLIER..:kawak::jay-yeah: