Part 6 LETS GO!


Gorosei Informer

I cannot even contain myself from the extreme hype and win of the trailer, Jolynes INCREDIBLE theme and it coming out in a few months!

The VA they chose for Joylene is so perfect and deserving of the role, given who she is! Plus she's one of the MCs of another Jojo-like show in its absurdity and badassery, as well as challenging your sexuality!
She sings the OP of this same anime too!:

The VA is half Egyptian too I believe? I bet she can "Pose Like An Egyptian!"
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Wonderful World

I've been looking forward to it, but mostly since we're this much closer to Gyro-sama. :catblush:

Part 6 had some of my favorite stands, so I'm looking forward to that alone. Though, I'm still not looking forward to certain things:catcry: