General & Others Pick your Yonko Commanders if you were a Yonko.

I'd pick mine based on brains and brawn. Rather serious/conscientous types.

1 Rayleigh (Free Agent)
2 Beckman (RHP)
3 Lafitte/Shiryu (BBP)
4 King (BP)
5 Marco (WBP)
6 Katakuri (BMP)
7 Kuma (RA)
8 Doflamingo/Crocodile (Underworld)
9 Killer (Kid)
10 Jinbei (SHP)
*Aokiji but I suppose he is off limits.

I'd have nobody from Laws or Buggys crews.
I think you should define tiers man, this is too open-ended, right now people can have weaker characters at higher levels but no higher levels at lower ones like Zoro as YC3. Another thing is you did not mention what pirate age are we restricted to, e.g. we can have Oden (who was a commander but is Yonko level) or even pick anyone from Rocks except Rocks (since he was the captain and the rest can be commanders). What about Aokiji (he is allied with BB) so can he be my YC3?

Considering we cant have declared Yonkos and Admirals as part of our crew then I would have:
1. Rayleigh
2. Oden
3. Zoro
4. Sabo

If we can only have the current ones and no YC can take another's place in the ranking then:
1. Zoro
2. Lucky Roo
3. Jozu/Vista
4. Denjiro
YC1 / First Mate: Law (every hax)
YC2: Bartholomew Kuma (repel hax)
YC3: Boa Hancock (love hax)
YC4: Charlotte Pudding (memory hax)


I love haxxes and haxxes make me happy.
YC1 - Zoro
YC2 - Doflamingo
YC3 - Boa Hancock
YC4 - Enel

Zoro is a Yonko himself but I get it since he is under Luffy command.

Doflamingo is nowhere near YC2 level.

Hancock is another Yonko herself.

Enel is nowhere near YC4 level. At least what we saw from him pre-timeskip.

My list:
Yonko Ally: Luffy(plot armor won't let me lose)
YC1: Zoro(pure strength won't let me lose)
YC2: Cracker (without plot armor from Luffy he is undefeated)
YC3: Shiki (because I guess he was YC3 of Rocks)
YC4: Yamato (because if Kaido had any YC4 could only be her, not that she is weak but it is clear the position of others)
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Kitetsu Wanker
Yc1 - Enel
Yc2 - Crocodile
Yc3 - Buggy
Yc4 - pre-aCoC Luffy
Would be fun to see crew dynamics between two clowns and two guys with superiority complex.

Adam 🍎

Pretty Boy
4th commander - Cracker

Cracker is an absolute monster. One man army. Even if he doesnt fight another YC he can mop up fodder, be instrumental in any large scale warfare and so on

3rd commander - Law
Law is all around best you can get. From support to damage to utility you name it.

2nd commander - Toss up between Marco and Yamato

Personally i would go for Marco. Aerial guy who can heal and dish good damage

1st Commander - Katakuri

By far strongest YC1 so far and will prolly remain so. Beat Haki, Best DF mastery and so on