Announcement Popularity poll event


You can't win
Hello everyone,

Once more we're at the end of the year, the end of the year of 2023. Hopefully for all of you it's been a great year :optimistic:

I decided to call you out this time since as you probably already all know, it's at this time that we do our populariy event and after last year's event, we decided to follow the same logic

This popularity poll will once again serve for us to decide User Tags to replace the current ones, great I know :myman:

And like last year, the order will be linked to their order in the final round

This is how the event will be grouped from the early phase to the final round

The schedule will be a bit different than usual, looking as followed


- Start of 16th December 2023
- End of 28th December 2023

Now prepare yourself and bring it all. There will only be 8 winners :kata:

Have fun :optimistic:

-- The Worstgen Staff