Future Events POST 1011... POLL-Will Zoro go back up to the roof again at some point?

Will Zoro go back up to the roof again at some point during the war

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My thoughts on the subject matter:

Zoro will presumably be the one to kill Kaido. Luffy never killed characters advertently, and Oda has been portraying Kaido's words "perfection can only be found with death" probably for a reason in that so specific, and also Zoro's specific declaration himself. And all those experiments Kaido conducted on his own body. Put all elements together.

Luffy declaring "I got this" was presumably a circumstantial matter linked to Zoro's poor physical conditions. He would most likely not have spelled those had Zoro stood substantially healthier.

If Kaido manages to resist Luffy's assault enough time before Zoro returns to the battlefield to check what's occurring (cause he presumably would) and/or Big Mom helps Kaido out, we could most likely see this coming to fruition at long last.

The scenario where Kaido is defeated and only later Zoro still cuts his head off strikes as less likely for me now, but that also has to be accounted.
In relation to several claims of Zoro disobeying to Luffy's orders; let me say two things:

- First of all, what happened was situational. Luffy shouting "I've got this" is merely in that Zoro was off for that moment, he never orders him to stay down or infers to solo Kaido.

- Second, if his captain was endangered, Zoro would factually attempt to save him:

That is a fair point

Follow up question: Do you think everyone will leave the dome and the battle field will be Wano? or Just Luffy and Kaido continuing their battle in Wano
In my opinion there will be more huge battle a head. Roof battle only decide luffy strong enough to be called next yonko.
Future event:
Pero2 vs nekomamushi
Chooper vs queen
King vs marco
Orochi vs momonsuke?
If im not wrong orochi got 1 more head
BM vs BP member or flying six
Sanji vs ....
Zoro with hiyori again i think so he can healed up :gokulaugh:
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Blackbeard will kill Kaido and eat his DF.
Probably 110th time that I'm saying it.
Great theory thats maybe true, marine afraid going to wano after all