Future Events POST 1011... POLL-Will Zoro go back up to the roof again at some point?

Will Zoro go back up to the roof again at some point during the war

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I dont think Zoro will go back at Kaido. He will get his fight against King i guess.
Now rushing back to Luffy, after Luffy claimed he will take it from here, would just disrespect Luffy as captain, would show Zoro has literaly no trust in Luffy and would ruin their relationship. I only could imagine that if the plot would come for Zoro betraying Luffy. The captain made a decision and order.
In my opinion when Kaido is about to drop Onigashima on the flower capital Luffy will tell everyone to evacuate and the battle will be an aerial one between Luffy and Kaido so when Luffy is pushed to his utmost limits he will use a KKKKG on Kaido destroying the entirety of Onigashima and knocking out Kaido who drops in the middle of the flower capital in front of all the Wano residents to see their tyrant knocked on his back. Zoro fights King and that's it no ZKK.
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Now it's Luffy's turn, but I think there will be another group fight near the capital later on. Kaido will turn into Godzilla and fight alone against everyone, just like Oars back in the days of Thriller Bark.
Not happened; Luffy is supposed to be one of the strongest after this arc because one piece will finally end in a couple of years hopefully
Kaido is currently the strongest being in the OnePiece verse. If Luffy were to overcome him, he would become the strongest himself. It's still too early for that.

P.S. I bet OnePiece will reach thirty years of publication.
This post is about Zoro not Kaido.
Kaido is not the strongest, this is head cannon of yours. I would say at least Im-sama is the strongest and BB with 3 DF probably the second or even the strongest. So Kaido may be top 2 at maximum.
Yes it is too early but is what Oda want because OP is dropping popularity, sales and everything else. When Luffy said he would 1v1 Kaido and win, same bullshit against Katakuri. Just accept it that disgusting plot armor and move on.
Yes OP has at least 10 more years ahead.