Break Week Progress of My Full One Piece Analysis

Which Mystery or Reveal are you most Excited for?

  • Haki Explanation (Inspiration Explained)

    Votes: 14 19.4%
  • New Major Reveal (Never Found Before)

    Votes: 14 19.4%
  • Straw Hats Crew Inspiration (

    Votes: 3 4.2%
  • Major Deaths

    Votes: 11 15.3%
  • Wano's Saviors

    Votes: 11 15.3%
  • Kaido's Defeat (

    Votes: 22 30.6%
  • Momo's Importance (What he Read in Oden's Journal)

    Votes: 7 9.7%
  • The Dawn (Everything related to Sun)

    Votes: 19 26.4%
  • The Moon (Huge Foreshadowing)

    Votes: 20 27.8%
  • Pre-Void Century (Biggest OP Lore)

    Votes: 31 43.1%
  • Greatest Power (Endgame Ability)

    Votes: 8 11.1%
  • Im-Sama (Identity & Previous Appearance)

    Votes: 27 37.5%
  • Blackbeard (Role, Secret & Ending)

    Votes: 17 23.6%
  • Shanks (True Identity)

    Votes: 22 30.6%
  • Post-Wano Events (Upcoming Arcs)

    Votes: 22 30.6%
  • Crocodile's Secret

    Votes: 14 19.4%
  • Final War Explained

    Votes: 15 20.8%
  • Tequila Wolf (Why was it Built)

    Votes: 17 23.6%
  • Ending (Roles of all Straw Hats & Post-War World)

    Votes: 18 25.0%

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Recently i'v been teasing a Project of mine where i will try to Answer most One Piece Mysteries, so i'm making this Thread not only to Announce it so that anyone who is Interested will be added to my Tag List, but to also share it's Progress & what's gonna be Included.

Since Drafts on this Forum get deleted after some time & i don't want to risk forgetting to Save, i decided to write My Analysis on "Word" & each Page will revolve around a Subject, Mystery or certain Reveal/Character. So here is what i have planned so far:
  • Page 01 ---> Introduction ---> Revealing a Detail about a Mystery that everyone Overlooked which is the Key to Everything
  • Page 02 ---> Haki System ---> Explaining Haki System & all of it's Techniques & Inspiration behind it
  • Page 03 ---> Major "New" Reveal ---> Haki System + That Detail i mentioned in First Page leads to Biggest OP Reveal imo
  • Page 04 ---> References ---> This will include List of Most References that both Support Previous Reveal & open up the way for others
  • Page 05 ---> Straw Hats ---> Explanation of how Oda created Straw Hats Members & what is their True Role in Story
  • Page 06 ---> Major Death ---> For some if not most, this could be Biggest Death in entire One Piece & i will share many Reasons for it
  • Page 07 ---> Wano's Saviors ---> Using all previous Reveals to identify all Key Players that will Save Wano & Roles of most of them
  • Page 08 ---> Kaido's Defeat ---> There is a Hint that Oda hidden in Last Couple Volumes which is still Unnoticed
  • Page 09 ---> Momo's Importance ---> Explaining why Momo is Needed & what is his Role + God's Valley Partially Explained
  • Page 10 ---> The Dawn ---> Understanding what everyone means by "Dawn" & Major Reveal about Sun, Nika & Straw Hat
  • Page 11 ---> The Moon ---> In this Page i will hopefully reveal what i believe to be Biggest Foreshadowing in entire One Piece
  • Page 12 ---> Key Flashback ---> Analysis on Most Important Flashback & what it reveals about the Past
  • Page 13 ---> Pre-Void Century ---> Explaining how the World was before Void Century & what are the Stories that led to it
  • Page 14 ---> Greatest Power ---> Hints at what could possibly be Most Fearsome Ability & what Im-Sama truly wants
  • Page 15 ---> Im-Sama ---> Identity of Im-Sama who was Mentioned/Appeared before in Story & what it means about his Past/Future
  • Page 16 ---> Blackbeard's Role ---> Explaining everything about Blackbeard including his Role, Secret & Ending
  • Page 17 ---> Shanks True Identity ---> Insights on Shanks Backstory which is imo Most Important so far
  • Page 18 ---> Post-Wano Events ---> List of all Key Players & Events that are Expected to happen before Final War
  • Page 19 ---> Crocodile's Secret ---> Reason why Crocodile's Backstory is the Key to starting Final War
  • Page 20 ---> Final War ---> List of all the Key Players & Events that are Guaranteed to happen in Final War
  • Page 21 ---> Tequila Wolf ---> Reason behind this Bridge's Construction & explaining Final Moments of Last Arc
  • Page 22 ---> Straw Hats Ending ---> Explaining each Straw Hat's Final Role & Achievements + Luffy's Secret Dream
  • Page 23 ---> World Map ---> Conclusion to One Piece & explaining Post-Final War Era
  • Page 24 ---> Bonus ---> Just my Opinion on Straw Hats vs Blackbeard Pirates Match-Ups
  • Page 25 ---> Recap & List of Every Reveal & Answer & Hint i provided
  • + Other Pages for Panels, Lists & Materials used in the Making of this Analysis
PS: There are only Two Mysteries that i didn't include & they are Will of D. & One Piece Treasure itself, & the reason is very simple, this Analysis will provide tons of Materials & Reveals that will help you conclude what is One Piece & what is Will of D., but i refuse to give my own Answer because i believe that it's what this Manga is all about & we shouldn't ruin the Wait by trying to find most Accurate Answer, because Luffy & Straw Hats witnessing One Piece in Laugh Tale will possibly be among Top 3 Biggest Chapters & i want most Fans to have no Expectations there for Full Enjoyment.

Also this Plan is based on the assumption that i can write each Idea in Single Page alongside all of it's Hints, Materials & Panels, but most probably i will fail to do so, so this Analysis might end up being almost 40 Pages long, if not more. (To have an idea, it's basically like 10 @Cinera Threards Long xD)

If i forgot any Mystery, please let me know so that i tell you whether it's Included in one of these Pages, i forgot about it or i still haven't figured it out yet at all.
I'm sure most will mention Devil Fruits for example but this one is basically Included in multiple Pages, since it's a Major Part of every Story.

Once i finish this Analysis, i will start making more Pages for more Details about Side-Mysteries & other Side-Characters + Other Trivia.
But know that this Analysis takes a lot of time, so please try to be Patient.

I also wanna say that i promise this Analysis will be full of many Major Reveals, Dozens of smaller ones, tons of Materials for everyone to improve their Theories & come up with new ones. And i also promise that this Analysis won't contain any Scenarios of my own thoughts or bias towards any Character, we gotta admit that Oda have a Unique way of thinking & it's very hard to predict so i will only mention Materials/Hints/Foreshadowing + The Reveals & Conclusions, but the Scenarios that lead to each Reveal & how each Story unfolds is left entirely untouched & it's up for Oda to decide however each part plays out.
(For example, i'm gonna talk about Void Century Events but how Characters interacted with each other & what they said & how they met & their Personalities are entirely not part of my Analysis, that totally belongs to Oda's Drawing Decisions)

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