Chapter Discussion Queen is handling it

I dont think its Queen's fault in general. More like plotkai for luffy.

The guy took care of big mom and jailers from escaping . Conveniently big mom was game changer for all chaos happened in the prison.

Also every other stuff came along with luck

Otama devil fruit

Snail communication shut down

Big mom prison break


Drifting alone through this endless sea
Lmao Queen is a fucking treasure
Orochi: Now that queen is handling the Sns, and im gonna kill this brat, everything should be fine and i can finally relax and party.
Queen: Psst, hey orochi, hey orochi. Turn your warrio looking ass around! I aint gonna miss this for some petty novas.

Look at this guy, pretty much styling over orochi. If teabagging was a thing in one piece, thats the closest version of it.

Jew D. Boy

Rude Man Who Shushes, Please Call
Queen can surely handle even Franky in a battle contest though @Jew D. Boy might disagree :fransuper:
@Albino ๐Ÿ‘‘ posted the coolest fan art the other day of what a Franky/Queen matchup could look like, and it had our favorite cyborg carpenter handling the motherfucker like he was a piece of Adam wood, so Iโ€™m gonna say Franky mid diffs and then Iโ€™ll be turning off the notifications for this thread :queenmoji: