Questions & Mysteries Queen plague bullets would they work on Kaido or Big Mom

They work the same as these ones, probably, so no (since he won't pierce them, unless he uses Haki, assuming he has mastery to coat the bullets with it):

But they may get infected if they touch other people. Though they are freaks of the nature, so probably these kind of stuff might not even work on their bodies anyway since they are genetically gifted with a super body.
They might get slightly nerfed at best!Kaido has a mythical zoan with crazy recovery speed,he might heal from the virus in acouple of hours and BM is just a freak she would not be severely affected!Both would still be able to fight to 95% at least!
I believe it will work, but negative side effects would only start to affect them after some hours... They might even possibly take advantage of the temporary boost for a few minutes longer than it should before dying...