Character Discussion Rank the Worst Generation (not including Luffy, Zoro and Teach) by how much you like them.

Your favorite WG member is?

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1. Urouge- man of culture.
2. Law- OP df ability & his funny interaction with SH.
3. Bege- family man with some guts.
4. Kidd- magneto of x-men...
5. Bonnie- infiltrated mariejoa alone.
6. Killer- impressive vc with good laugh.
7. Drake- ok
8. Hawkins- He dont have it...
9. Apoo- pointless chara
Barely much info and screentime to make any conclusions.
Urouge seems interesting so maybe Him and Bonney.
Would love to see more of Drake.
Law can be funny at times too but mostly boring
Kidd is just getting screentime so I don’t really have any expectations for him,Same for Killer(I wish he could have done a bit better against zoro)
Capone is decent
Hawkins and Appo are trash quality garbage tier.