Character Discussion Rank the Worst Generation (not including Luffy, Zoro and Teach) by how much you like them.

Your favorite WG member is?

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1. Law: most developed character on this list, cool design, cool DF, nice backstory;
2. Kidd: cool design, a lot of willpower, ambicious and determined;
3. Bonney: cool design, hax DF, and I'm also very curious about her role in the story;
4. Drake: double agent, cool mythical Zoan;
5. Killer: Ok design, I really like his partnership with Kidd;
6. Bege: It's kinda heartwarming how protective he is of his family, but aside from that, I think his character is bland;
7. Hawkins: Cool design, but boring personality and lame DF;
8. Urouge: only good thing about him are the memes lmao;
9. Apoo: the idea of a DF related to sound is very interesting, but in practice I just don't think it was well explored by Oda. And he's really annoying.

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
1. Law
2. Kid
3. Killer
4. Drake
5. Bonney
6. Bege
7. Urouge
8. Hawkins
9. Apoo
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The Apoo and Hawkins slander smh......

Anyway, it's:

1. Kidd
2. Law
3. Killer
4. Hawkins
5. Apoo
6. Drake
7. Bege
8. Bonney
9. Urouge
The only Supernovae to willingly bend the knee to Kaido, the latter doing so even when the raid began and gave him his best chance to switch sides; that slander is not unwarranted, kid :kidsmile: