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I read an article just recently that broke my heart.

This is the article:
Cops Use Pictures of Adult Women To Trick Men Into Meeting for Sex, Arrest Them as Child Predators

Here's the original coverage in the New York Times:
Convicted of Sex Crimes, but With No Victims

(I recommend reading the New York Times article)

Some choice quotes from the Reason article:
Instead of going after actual sexual predators, some police officers have discovered that it's easier to just trick people. These cops go on adult dating sites, pose as grown women, find lonely guys, flirt, and then claim they are actually underage. The photos they send of "themselves" depict real women in their 20s. When the mark arranges a date, the cops arrest him as a predator.
These stings are the subject of a remarkable piece in The New York Times Magazine by Michael Winerip. He begins by profiling 20-year-old Jace Hambrick, a young man living at home, working in construction and doing a lot of gaming in Vancouver, Washington. When Hambrick found "Gamer Gurl" on Craigslist (which requires users to be 18) he couldn't believe his luck: A woman who professed to love gaming and was looking for a boyfriend. They chatted for awhile and then "Gamer Gurl" said she was actually 13. "Why did you post an ad in craigslist if your 13? You mean 23?" asked Hambrick. They emailed, then texted, and she eventually shared a photo of herself. She looked like she was in her late teens or early 20s, she made cultural references most 13-year-olds wouldn't get, and she gave Hambrick driving directions to her home. When he arrived, the person who greeted him was the same woman from the picture. But when he entered the home, two cops handcuffed him. The beautiful young woman was an adult police officer. Hambrick was sentenced to 18-months-to life, and a minimum of 10 years on the sexual offense registry. (The "to-life" part is real: The state reserves the right to keep extending the sentence indefinitely.)
Yet a state police captain giddily described the stings as an amazing return on investment:
"Plea bargains start at 10 years in prison. Compared to other criminal cases that can take a year or longer, may result in a few years in prison, costs hundreds of man-hours and still only result in a single arrest, this is a significant return on investment. Mathematically, it only costs $2,500 per arrest during this operation! Considering the high level of potential offense, there is a meager investment that pays huge dividends."​

The female police officers were not credibly pretending to be children. They acted like actual adults, but said they were underage. If someone looks 24 and acts 24 but says they're 13, it's most likely that they aren't actually 13. The subject of the NYT article said as much:
They pressed him on why he wanted to have sex with a 13-year-old. He answered, repeatedly, that he didn’t believe she was 13: Her picture didn’t look like she was 13; he thought she might be a grown woman engaging in role play; people online lie all the time, so he went to see for himself; when a woman who appeared to be in her 20s opened the door, he followed her inside for sex.
“I do not believe that you came here to verify if this girl was 21,” the detective said. “You couldn’t help yourself.”

“If she was 13, I was going to turn around and walk away,” Hambrick said.
This is not a good faith attempt to catch actual pedophiles for the crime of trying to solicit with minors. The vast majority of people that would be indicted in an operation of this sort would be lonely guys that were looking for relationships with other consenting adults.

92% of the guys indicted in operations like this have no history of violent crime, and 89% of them had no child porn in their possession.

As far as we can tell, only around 10% of them were probably dangers to real children.

90% of them had their lives permanently ruined for the crime of being desperate and a bit careless. 90% of these guys were harmless people who posed no real dangers to actual children.

This was a very poor attempt at saving lives. The supermajority (90%!!!) of the people caught in operations like this weren't probable dangers. Their lives are carelessly ruined and society isn't made any safer because they are locked up in jail and now have to carry the stigma of "sex offender" (maybe for the rest of their lives).

This is extremely predatory behaviour and deeply immoral. As a lonely guy myself, preying on loneliness sickens me.
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Jew D. Boy

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Listen, I’m all for arresting real perverts who act knowingly to hurt children...but what these pigs are doing is literal entrapment to nobody’s benefit. Sounds like these guys aren’t truly interested in underage kids, they’re just lonely and easily manipulated. They’re being lumped in with molesters even though it sounds like many are made uncomfortable by the fact that they’re talking to preteens. It’s on the disgusting asshole cops who actively set these guys up and then bust them, normally just to boost their own internal numbers so the state will give them more money (usually taking it away from education budgets because helping children DOESN’T actually matter to any pearl-clutching politicians) for assault rifles, tanks, and other weaponry to keep citizens in fear for their lives. Defund the motherfucking police already :lusalty::kriwhat::seriously:
It is a fucking scandalous way of doing police job.

In France those kind of actions are completely illegal. For criminal law policemen and public agents have to take evidences in good faith or at least they cannot be the primary source of the offense. For exemple they can meet a dealer and buy some drugs to caught the guy in th act but you cannot provoke the offense. You cannot sell drugs in the street and see who will buy it or tempt them when in the beginning they had no will to commit an offense. Such acts from the police will void the procedure and no legal actions can be done against the accused one