Record of Ragnarok Chapter 45 Spoilers Thread Discussion

@BangMi make the thread. We got the first translation here.

We'll update it when a better one comes out.
Thank you very merry much. :cheers:
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Zero this chapter:

Goatdha be like:


- I'm glad that bird survived. I hope s/he makes an appearance again, even if only as a fond memory, as Zero dies because Zero is more misguided than evil. :pepemotion:

- I lmaoed so hard at naked Bishamonten crossing his arms. :rolaugh:

- I know all the fights so far are extreme diff except for Thor vs Lu Bu (which was a hard diff), so I hope Buddha takes this hard diff like Thor did too, cause Buddha carries a risk of being jumped ala Thor and needs to be able to protect himself (also like Thor). :kata:
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