Spoiler Record of Ragnarok (RoR)/Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

What is the best fight in the series?

  • Lu Bu vs Thor

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Adam vs Zeus

    Votes: 5 17.2%
  • Sasaki Kojiro vs Poseidon

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • Jack The Ripper vs Hercules

    Votes: 13 44.8%
  • Raiden Tameemon vs Shiva

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Buddha vs Zerofuku/Hajin

    Votes: 4 13.8%

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Elder Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
What do you think about the show this far?
I talked a bit about it on my profile, but Record of Ragnarok for me is an amazingly entertaining manga for what it is. An extremely fun fanservice manga that is just the right blend of stylized 1v1 fighting and extremely unpredictable storytelling. Literally all of the three fights I've read so far, I had absolutely no idea who was going to win any of them while I was reading them, and there were several panels throughout that I just had to stop and stare at lol.

The characters are amazing, the art is amazing, the choreography is amazing, the hype moments are amazing, and overall this is just a really simple but amazing manga for me lol.

Sure there are nitpicks I could make about it, there are nitpicks I could probably make about any series lol. I don't think too hard about trying to find flaws such. And RoR isn't extremely complex high-art or anything like that, it's just a really damn entertaining 1v1 fight manga that I've had serious trouble putting down and not thinking about constantly lol.

Definitely an all time favorite for me.
Here's my top 5 favs (will do top 10 later)

1. Adam (Cuz you know why)
2. Poseidon/Sasaki Kojiro (Both of them are Goats but I prefer Poseidon slightly more than Kojiro)
3. Zeus (Man's hilarious LOL)
4. Shiva (Man's cool and chill)
5. Hrist (Best girl <3)
I see.

I personally love this series because it somewhat reminds me of a videogame series I was (and still am) very passionate about: Valkyrie Profile.

Elder Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
I thought that this could be a fun discussion to have here.

If you folks could choose any individual from history or a deity from a religion and place them into the world of RoR or a sequel to RoR as a character, who would you chose?

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For the humans, I would actually go with 3 choices.

Alexander the Great

I actually don’t know why Alexander isn’t present here lol. I guess because the empire he conquered, despite being the largest empire of the time, was smaller than Qin Shi Huang’s unified China when it was eventually United.

But Qin Shi Huang was an emperor who sat inside of his throne room for basically his entire career. China was United by his armies, but QSH himself basically sat in his throne room not doing much during the time.

Alexander however, was a frontline fighting warrior King who acted as a commanding General and a frontline cavalry-man in all of his battles lol. There were a few occasions where Alexander was said to have personally slain the commander of the enemy armies that opposed him during his quest to utterly dominate the entirety of Western Asia lol. Sure these are just legends, but this is a fanservice manga and I think they’d be extremely fun to see in a manga lol.

Alexander was also personally instructed in his youth by Aristotle, which for those of you who aren’t that familiar with Greek philosophers...Aristotle is the GOAT. He was personally taught by Plato who was taught by Socrates, and Aristotle’s philosophical ideas and accomplishments transcend both of them.

And yeah, this guy was Alexander’s childhood teacher. No wonder the dude conquered basically the entire known world to the west at the time lol.
George Washington.

Hear me out.

I’m not a fanboy of any figures in US history, but the legends about Washington himself are actually pretty scary.

Unlike the rest of the US founding fathers (or at least most of them), Washington was not a politician or a statesmen, he was the best General that the rebels had at the time. He was voted to be the first President of the US not because of his political skill, but because he was an extremely popular war hero unlike the rest of the Founding Fathers.

The scary legends about Washington involve tails about his own physical strength which are historically false but could make for a fun backstory in series, but my favorite legend about George was that his teeth were made of wood...which in and of itself is a bastardization of the REAL legend about Washington’s teeth, that he would sometimes take teeth off of animal corpses and shove them into his mouth as a replacement for his real teeth that had fallen out.

The legends about Washington were that he killed Bears, Wolves, and Horses, and would use their teeth as his own.

Yeah. So combine this legend with other legends about his strength and such, and you’d have the makings for a terrifying manga version of him lol. Essentially the public image we know of George would be a facade for a savage monster who had beast-teeth and unnatural strength and extreme bloodlust lol.

I think this would be awesome.

You guys probably know the stories of the irl Blackbeard so I won’t rant here. Whitebeard’s death, where he took hundreds of bullets and stabs or whatever and his body kept standing after he died, is actually plagiarized from the real Blackbeard’s death, where he was killed after taking dozens of stab wounds and bullets, but his body was rumored to stay standing for several minutes after his death, so they beheaded him and threw his body into the ocean. Which it then circled the ship the Navy was on for half an hour lol.

The irl Blackbeard was a enormous monster man who regularly engaged in horrific torture and embarked on pirate suicide missions and came out on top every time until his death. You guys should go look up stories of him lol.

The God side is a bit trickier. My favorite fictional God is Oden and he’s already present and looking like a true BAMF lol. So I had to a more obscure one:
Seth (Egyptian)

God of Deserts, Storms, Violence, Disorder, and Foreigners. Read up on this bamf here.


And set the mood with some Blackened Death Metal @Zenos7
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