Spoiler Record of Ragnarok (RoR)/Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

What is the best fight in the series?

  • Lu Bu vs Thor

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Adam vs Zeus

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Sasaki Kojiro vs Poseidon

    Votes: 6 33.3%
  • Jack The Ripper vs Hercules

    Votes: 9 50.0%
  • Raiden Tameemon vs Shiva

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Buddha vs Zerofuku/Hajin

    Votes: 1 5.6%

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No idea. This is just a fanart btw lol.

But seeing how Beelzebub likes to experiment he could fight Tesla the scientist. Tho, if I recall you made a post where you mentioned that when the fight is between the same the Gods win. So that might bite Tesla.
Yeah, I did say it was only when the fights were between counterparts that humanity would win.

I have to say it referred to thematic counterparts, though, not necessarily job-class. So, if I have to predict who Beelzebub is gonna fight, I'd probably guess it will be Sakata Kintoki.

Beelzebub is often used as another name for Satan (or at least a high-ranked demon) and, as seen in ch. 51, experimented in & on evil just because he could.

Kintoki is a folk legend in Japan who, among his many tales of adventures, befriended nature and fought against demons.

With the references to seed and soil last chapter (which could refer to either moral trait or nature), Beelzebub vs Kintoki seems like a match, tbh.

Yeah, Buddha lost.

His boredom, I mean. :lulz:
How would you guys feel if budha lose ,i dont belive it due to story wise-plot,but what if
I would feel it's stupider than having Adam lost, simply because it serves no purpose to the story. At least Adam's loss rallied all the humans together. What would Buddha's loss accomplish? Enlightenment is a fraud thanks to some dude from hell?

Besides, all 3 of the Divinity who won so far gained genuine respect toward humanity in their victory. Hajun will just laugh his ass off if he can defeat Buddha, because nothing will change for him (Hajun is kinda like Poseidon in this regard).

Also, as far as underworld Divinity are concerned, we already got Anubis on the roster and now we got Hades, too. And we know now that Hajun doesn't play nice in Helfheim.

And at least if Buddha wins, he can find sanctuary alongside the humans (if the Gods don't jump him first post-match). But if Hajun wins? Gods wouldn't take him in cause he is not one of them and would certainly consider him too dangerous to be let live. After all, Hajun just freely admitted he killed Zerofuku a long time ago...which was a stupid move from him, cause he wasn't a top God like Zeus or Poseidon who could still live freely among the Divinity even after killing their fellow Gods.

Meanwhile, humanity will harbor a deep hatred toward him since he pushes them closer to extinction.

Hajun's only prospect is hanging out with Beelzebub (fellow demons), who already got what he wanted from Hajun on ch. 51 (so, not even a friend to Hajun). It's gonna be Gods and Humans vs Hajun, which is a prospect I don't think Hajun would appreciate. Even if Hajun got help Beel, it's still Hajun and Beel vs everyone else, which isn't a prospect Beel would appreciate.

In short, having Buddha lost to Hajun for whatever reason is about as smart as making a failure of a character like Momoron a major figure in your story post-TS. Buddha might not survive the story eventually, but he still should send Hajun packing. :brootea:
Saw someone on reddit awhile back speculate we'd get Anubis(A god of death) vs Qin Shi Huang(someone who feared death).
Aye, I had the exact same thought a while back.
I was thinking that since Huang's design just got recently revealed then he could be in the next match.

So my guess would be Qin Shi Huang vs Anubis, the man who spent his life attempting to escape death vs a god of death.
Can't wait to see how freaking Nostradamus is going to fight lol.
Before Buddha, I thought Nostradamus would be the one with a Future Sight gimmick but that looks a lot less likely now. Lol.

Kurozumi Abysswalker

𝕷𝖆𝖉𝖞 𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆
Aye, I had the exact same thought a while back.

Before Buddha, I thought Nostradamus would be the one with a Future Sight gimmick but that looks a lot less likely now. Lol.
Anubis vs Qin Shi Huang def would be interesting, I would probably prefer it over Qin Shi Huang betraying the humans and joining the Gods.

Before Buddha, I thought Nostradamus would be the one with a Future Sight gimmick but that looks a lot less likely now. Lol.
I kind of want Nostradamus to start bitch slapping people with a book or some shit lol.

Some match-up predictions:

Loki vs Souji Okita.

Apollo vs Simo Hayha(Apollo is an archer, and Hayha is a sniper).

Odin vs Leonidas.

Beelzebub vs Rasputin/Tesla/Nostradamus.

I think Hades and another God will also participate in the tournament, partly because the gods have 6 remaining fighters while the humans have 8.