Renpa Army Vs Chu Coalition Army (Read the OP)

Who Wins?

  • Renpa Army

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Chu Army

    Votes: 2 28.6%

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Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

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Army Leader****

Name: Renpa
Rank: Three Great Heavens (Former), Great General
Achievements/Hype: Considered to be one of the greatest generals in the history of China. Battled on numerous occasions with the other greatest generals in history as an equal. Riboku claimed that there was no general capable of defeating Renpa after the deaths of Ouki and Gekishin


Name: Rinko
Rank: Heavenly King
Achievements/Hype: Known for extremely strong offensive formations. Once broke through Ouki's defensive formations and landed a blow on him. Renpa claimed that once he was 'let loose', he was unstoppable


Name: Kaishibou
Rank: Heavenly King
Achievements/Hype: Said to have the same brute power as Renpa himself. Earned over a hundred victories when he was operating as a solo commander. Quickly destroyed Kanki's Headquarters even though it was defended by Raido.

Kyou En.png

Name: Kyou En
Rank: Heavenly King, one of the Ten Bows of China
Achievements/Hype: Fought against with 4 of the 6 Qin Great Generals in the past. Fought against Renpa himself before joining him, Renpa stated Kyou En "burned his hands" a few times. Is one of the Top Ten Archers in all of China


Name: Genpou
Rank: Heavenly King
Achievements/Hype: Taught Renpa and Rinko tactics. Renpa called him a mind so great that he could serve as the head of the entire Zhao military.

Army Leader****

Name: Kanmei
Rank: Great General
Achievements/Hype: Has had an extremely successful military career throughout a humongous amount of territory along the Chu border. Once defeated Oukotsu, a Great General of Qin known for his brute power, in a single strike. Was considered to be the single strongest man in all of China before his death.


Name: Karin
Rank: Great General, Prime Minister of Chu
Achievements/Hype: Stated by Shunshinkun to be a 'genius at Warfare.' Once Riboku heard her plan to fall Kankoku Pass, he was surprised at her genius. Under her grand strategy, The Coalition Army was almost successful at capturing Kankoku Pass, only being stopped due to General Ousen.


Name: Rinbukun
Rank: General
Achievements/Hype: Defeated Rokuomi in battle. Hyped by himself as being on the level of the Great Generals. Fought on par with Tou for some time before ultimately being slain.


Name: Kouyoku
Rank: 5000 Man Commander
Achievements/Hype: Ranking up within the Chu army is the hardest out of all the states, and Yoku has escalated to the rank just beneath General at a young age. With his legendary sword, capable of fighting on par with Tou for quite some time.

Haku Rei.png

Name: Hakurei
Rank: Unconfirmed, was a 1,000 Man Commander at the same time as Shin, Mouten, Ouhon, and Kouyoku. One of the Ten Bows of China.
Achievements/Hype: Is a competent strategist for his age. One of the top ten Archers in all of China, self proclaimed "number 3".

Each Army has 180,000. Battle ends when Either Kanmei are Renpa is slain or surrenders. Who wins and why?

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Would giv3 it to Renpa Army here, the Chu Army lacks a master strategist here. Karin is there bt i personally feel she is overrated.

In Brute strength Chu Army has a edge here bt due to Renpa strategies, Rinpo formations and Genpou mind they will eventually win.
I was going to go with Renpa but I think Chu's army could win this. They have the advantage of having Karin and her army who have differnernt style compared to the army led by Kanmei and Ribunkun. Even comparing the generals, Kanmei can probably take Renpa in a martial Duel. The 5000 man commander can take down Rinko (the kid stalemated Tou). Karin can kill the old man while the Chu archer is apparently higher ranked than Renpa's archer. The question is whether Ribunkun can take down Kashibou.

Anyways I think the versatility of Karin could prove to be the difference. Kanmei on his own is a great general, as a rule of the thumb, he should be able to wage against Renpa without getting completely outclassed. Having Karin could tip the balance in his favor.
Anyways those are my thoughts. Let's hear what the rest of you think.

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
I think I’m actually going to go with the Chu Army here, main reason being that I’d give Kanmei vs Renpa to Kanmei 7/10 times lol. Fighting the Giant of Chu is already a bad idea. Fighting the Giant of Chu with a glaive? Even worse lol

For the Renpa army to win this safely, they would have to rely on superior tactics to win a war of attrition against the Chu and I’m sorry but against Karin, I just don’t think Renpa and Genpo will have a noticeable enough advantage. I consider Karin to be roughly on par with Genpo as a tactician if not frankly above him lol.

Rinko, Kaishibou, and Kyou En are skilled enough to slay Kouyoku, Rinbukun, and Hakurei (frankly I’m not believing Hakurei is > a Kyou En as either an archer or a tactician yet lol).

But the most important battle here would be the mind battle between Genpou and Renpa vs Karin, as well as the eventual duel between Kanmei and Renpa, and I think the Chu army would take that more times than not.
The more I think about it, I think Chu takes this battle because of Karin.

Rinbukun vs Rinko, Hakurei vs Kyou en,
Kanmei vs Renpa can go either way. Karin will beat Kaishibou comprehensively and tilt the balance in Chu's favor.
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It's a victory for Chu army.

In the presence of martial might like Kanmei and brain like Karin, i don't think Renpa can stand a chance here.

In a head on clash between Renpa and Kanmei, its an easy victory for Kanmei and he can go afterwards to assist someone else as well.

Rinko vs KouYaku would be in favour of later one. He was looking better than Shin in coalition arc.

KyouEn vs HakuRai is a victory for KyouEn.

Karin vs Genpo - this would be the most interesting battle (if happens coz something like OuSen vs Riboku) but Karin would be victorious here.

KaishiBoi vs Rinbunkun - KaishiBoi takes this.

But overall momentum wouldbe in favour of Chu army.