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Lazy is the way
Shiryu is not Blackbeard's right hand man, he's the captain of the 2nd ship in blackbeard's fleet whereas Jesus Burgees is the captain of the 1st ship which in turn makes him the right hand man.
We don't know yet, for now I think it is safe to say that Shiryu is the strongest member and the one hyped the most. He was just a bit inferior to a monster like Magellan pre TS but now after 2 years fighting and a DF safe to say he is mad strong.

Burgess is cool and all but he isn't portrayed as the Right hand of BB for now. A guy like Laffite seems more in charge.

We don't know BB organisation for now and I think the number of the fleet doesn't mean much.

For now I put Shiryu but if we learn that someone else is the RH of BB I will modify the thread.