[FNZ] Role Madness Round 07: Attack On Titan

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So bastard logic DOES relate to how our roles correspond to the characters we’re assigned? Or it DOESN’T?
Yes roles are obviously related to game mechanics in a bijective way. So bastard mechanics are no different.

Last time in Flower's game we had a situation by which Town could be easily deceived, in that we had two Town factions in addition to a messy write up (focal point) which could instigate Town to believe the other Town faction could be strictly presented by mafia components, flavor wise.

However if such dynamic is not present, or the others I mentioned, the game hardly features as a bastard one.


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Well, it’s AoT, so even people who seem like town could be scum...we have 15 players; I’ll assume we have 5 scum as of now.
Reiner/Bertolt/Annie weren’t originally shown as Marleyans, they were hiding among the Eldians, right?
Jew is playing his second game. He isn't aware of what bastard game is. He came up with some sort of idea on set up which implies bastard mechanic. Anyone who has played more games know that host notify us of bastard game in opening post.

That's an awfully precise estimate, especially for someone who's new to the game.
But cinera you are an experienced player. You should be aware of the fact that host definitely notifies bastard game but then why you made above post indicating that what jew said is very precise??


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A standard game implies 4 Mafia (or opposing team) and 1 Independent. Whether that independent in a survivor, a serial killer, an arsonist or werewolf depends. I don't know AoT much to know if there is any corresponding or fitting character for these roles.

Let's also not analyze every statement made early in the game—a lot of us are new and just chattering about. I don't take Ha0's statements about murdering Lanji too seriously.

Role Madness also means each and every member of the Town has a power role or function. It's important to stress some members of the town have investigation prowess. I.E., they can look at roles, look at actions taken at night, or simply see who you visit. The Investigation roles are pretty versatile and powerful, but also relies on good reads to really be effective.

If anyone happens to be a killing role for the town, I'd suggest they wait before acting. No need to be willy nilly and shoot anyone.
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