[FNZ] Role Madness Round 07: Attack On Titan

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I'd like to apologise to Town. I played pretty badly this game.

  • I didn't read the thread for substantial portion of day 1 and day 2.
  • On Night 3 I protected @NeutralWatcher again despite expecting him not to be targeted as I protected him before, I could have protected @Don DaSlayer instead, but I didn't want to take the chance and reasoned that I could use NW to weed out specific Scum members.
  • On Night 4: I protected Queen, I didn't know who else could be Town and had a Town read on her. I suspect that was just due to the halo effect and because she's the one who brought me up to speed when I was lost on Day 2. I also probably have a blind spot around her in general.
  • On Day 5 I had a Serial Killer read on @HA001 due to the joke he made about killing everyone and because I asked him to Kill Vonal last night and Vonal was indeed killed. I considered the possibility that Queen was framing Ha001 but ultimately ruled it out when I really shouldn't have, most people aren't stupid and I'm aware that framing someone like that is an accessible strategy.
  • I hastily closed the day phase when it wasn't really necessary.
    • I'm not sure that interrogating Queen and Ha001 would have helped TBH. I'd kind of already made my mind at that point, and wanted the game to come to a close
  • My Protect claim wasn't also really necessary, but I don't think it was one of my more significant mistakes, and I could have used my outed Protect status to more effectively Protect Town members.

If I made even one less mistake, Town could have won (especially given how close the game was), so I'm really sorry. I wasn't at my A game (fresh of a forum hiatus and was a lot more interested in discussing One Piece than playing Mafia) so didn't accord the game the attention it deserved. I think I might be more selective in which games I accept going forward in order to ensure that I can give each game my best.

However, it would be hubris to suggest that I merely fucked up because I was inattentive. This game exposed to me that I'm a very asymmetric Mafia player and much more competent as Scum than I am as Town. I appreciated the glaring weakness the game pointed out to me, and hope I get to play Town more often in future to improve my Scum hunting skills.

Thanks very much for the game everyone. 🤗
on night 2 you protected don right? you saved him from me
Tag me as well.

Nah, my Night Actions were thus:
  1. Seraphoenix
  2. NeutralWatcher
  3. NeutralWatcher
  4. Queen

@Kiwipom could you be please narrate the Night Actions (and how they resolved) for us?
so I have no idea what happened n2 lol
I'll try

Night 1
Queen - Kills Dark Admiral
NW - tracked Don
Don - Swapped Reborn and Jew
Sera - Kill Reborn (but Reborn was switched with Jew so Jew died)
Cinera - Protect Sera
Reborn - Block FB

Night 2 (This was a mess XD)
Queen - Kill Don (but was roleblocked by Reborn)
NW - track Sera
Rayan and Cinera - protect NW
Don - Switch Reborn and Vonal
Vonal - Redirect Don to Lanji (so Lanji and Vonal are now switched)
Sera - protect Vonal (but since Lanji and Vonal are switched, Lanji is protected by Sera)
Lanji - shoot Vona (But again, Lanji and Vonal are switched, Lanji technically shot himself. But Sera's ability says it will protect the user AND kill the attacker. So in this case, Lanji's attacker was Lanji so Lanji still dies)

Faction kill Reborn

Night 3
NW - track Cinera
Vonal - Redirect Don to Queen (Queen and Sera are switched)
Rayan and Cinera - protect NW
Queen - Kill Yo Tan Wa
Faction Kill - Don


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Reborn blocked me :christmwai:

It's funny how my playstyle as Town is never always berserk like he claimed, but also calculative posts and chilly demeanor.

It's hard to read my meta but he was confident about me always jumping guns.


You can't win
Didn't read this game, but it seems like @Queen won, so congratz :kata:
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hmm that's weird, you'll have to ask @Bogard
in the mean time, what do you want edited?
Well in your PM request, there was nothing about granting you the edit option, but sure i can make it possible for you in the mafia section if you request so
Alright, a few words from your favorite coach ~

@Kiwipom and @Flower did a great job with this game! The setup was fine and I barely had to make any changes. The game was run smoothly as well and while Flower already knew a lot, Kiwi didn't and picked up things very quickly. There were a little missteps here but they were just minor communication errors. Nothing excessive. Although Kiwi will be needing another coaches game, I'm confident that Flower can host solo games, no coach or co-host, quite well now. You guys can put your full trust in those girls from hence forth now. I can guarantee you each of their games will be good.

Now, for the players. Nobody really played specifically bad. The lynch on TAC was definitely unwarranted but I think Lanji redeemed himself the next night with his shot on Vonal (and most likely Sera after that). It was a shame it never connected. Now for our game winner here, @Queen I believe it's clear that you are worthy of game MVP, ain't no way around it. Not only is winning as SK an extremely slim chance due to being alone, but you were able to avoid any suspicion for the majority of the game and your kills were simply on point. The last one especially was. Ryan had protected Cinera so had you not changed action you would have died from by Rayan's BG kill(not sure if there was any redirect from Vonal going on to make a difference but that's besides the point). You did a great job this game :cheers:

I must admit these games piqued my interest and curiosity. I will probably sign up for the next one, I noticed that number 8 was full already. Please do tag me next time, I noticed @Noctis tagged me now, but I didn't get the tag notification for some reason.

Would be amazing if there's a Death Note themed one. I am quite positive @Cinera might be able to host that one, as I believe it would be far too early for me to venture there.
My man, I knew you'd finally see the light and want to join. Welcome to the Worstgen Mafia Family, baby. I am the Underboss, Al sama is the Godfather, and you will love this game.
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