Speculations Ryokugyu will Eviscerate the Mugiwara and Make a forest of impaled pirates at Wano

King was missing a wing and Queen his mechanical arm
He’s actually not. If you look at the panel where Ryokugyu is stomping on him both of his arms are pretty clearly.

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Let alone that it was never made clear whether the beasts pirates just stayed there or were kept there (with seastone obviously).[/QUOTE]
Udon is Queen’s territory and Tama’s control over babanuki ended at the last full moon.
This dude is a beast. He beat Queen and King combined easier than Zoro beat King.

Everyone is busy celebrating and will be drunk at night. Greenbull will come with a marine battleship and completely skewer and impale everyone at the festival. He will absolutely smash Luffy in front of everyone.

Before he leaves, he's going to either kidnap Robin or kill/heavily injure some main characters.

Yes, the agent has seen his full level of dangerousness, with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe all shaking in fear, the threat this character poses is on another level.