Versus Battle Sage Jiraiya vs 7th gate Guy


I will never forgive Oda
I personally can’t unless Jiraiya hides during Hirudora and can hit a more exhausted Gai. Gear 7th makes him way too fast, though I imagine the physical attacks would be somewhat buffered by Sage mode.
Jiraiya's only hope is to survive long enough for to the Toad Sages to do their Genjutsu, Guy would be completely helpless against it, but more likely Guy just blitzes him and pretty much one shots.
I think Jiraiya high/extr diff, he has just too many aces up his sleeve to lose to 7 gates Gai (and he can't mantain that form for too long before getting exhausted).
Flames, rasengan, sage mode stats buffed, sealing jutsu, toads summoning, genjutsu, very high combat IQ.
In hand to hand combat Gai outclasses him, but I don't think Jiraiya would be speedblizted and one-shotted before doing his tricks.
Jiraiya takes this one home, but you can say it is close enough that he suffers mortal injuries afterwards
We're talking about the man whom Kisame and Itachi wanted no business against