Sign-up [Season 2] Round 1 - Valentine Mafia

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“Love is simply an electrical bug in the human neural circuit.”

Theme - Valentine Mafia
Start date - Three Days Later
Players - 18

Host - @Noctis @AL sama

Players -

1. @Midnight Delight [Gentleman]
2. @Finalbeta [Gentleman]
3. @QueenEmilia - [Lady]
4. @Go D. Usopp ™ [Gentleman]
5. @Lindltaylor [Lady]
6. @Jew D. Boy [Lady]
7. @krogothwolf [Gentleman]
8. @MangoSenpai - [Lady]
9. @Ratchet - [Gentleman]
10. @Fujishiro [Lady]
11. @T-Pein™ [Gentleman]
12. @Alibaba [Lady]
13. @Reborn [Gentleman]
14. @Rheanael [Lady]
15. @Flower [Lady]
16. @LANJI CUCKSMOKE - [Gentleman]
17. @Light D Lamperouge [Lady]

Please sign up as a [Gentleman] or a [Lady] (max 9 each)

Game Style -
  • Traditional Setup - This game will prominently feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority.
  • Posting - Players are seriously advised to post at least 10 times in the day phase, if you don't meet post requirement there will be mod blocking/subbing
  • Day start - This game will begin with a Day phase. Day 1 will exceptionally last 48 hours. But activity levels will dictate game pacing.
The game thread will contain entire information about the gameplay dynamics.
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