[FNZ] Super Role Madness [Season 2] Round 5 - Joker Appears In Worstgen

Was fun, I guess. I don't feel like it was really Mafia, particularly at the end, but eh, it doesn't really matter I suppose. I'm honestly still very happy with my role, even if the power scaling ended up being vastly on the weaker side. As for the conditions on the kill, well, I think point to the flavour inspiration for them.

If I killed a Town player, my role would suicide. Rimi the character was subjected to severe torture before the events of Chaos;Head, and her coping mechanism to survive this was to mentally suicide. That is, to kill her mind completely, and from what is left, craft a whole new personality. She even wonders at some point if Rimi is her actual name. Because of this, she considers herself to be less than human, a fake pretending to be human rather. It's this crippling lack of self-worth that ultimately drives her sacrificial and selfish motives. In her route, she ends up inadvertently killing a couple members of the main cast, and being unable to bear the guilt of this, she mentally suicides again, though this time not fully. Eventually, she recovers from this, and at the end, decides to go and fight the main big bad by herself, to save the world. This is the same as in the common (canon) route, but this time, she draws upon a certain power and beats the big bad. But her victory is not without cost, and she's fatally wounded as a result. Her route ends with the protagonist, who has come to realise he loves Rimi, unaware that she's dead, and vows to spend the rest of his life looking for her. Max depression hours. However in Mafia terms, that wouldn't really be any different to what would happen if I killed Town, so to avoid punishing myself too much for correct play, I had it so all abilities would be lost afterwards.

As for the rest, it's all fairly straightward. Rimi's power is essentially comparable to that of God (though she isn't the only one with such power, which is probably what stops her from actually being God), in that she can create things from her imagination and convert them into reality itself. She also has the array of psychic powers, such as mind reading, mind control, etc.

As for the Anti-Matter stack mechanic? Well, because Chaos;Head is part of a series called Science Adventure, Rimi's power works by flooding her body with particles of anti-matter. And overuse of this ability eventually causes motary and bodily functions to cease. I couldn't go all the way to death, because of the kill conditions I had, so I wanted to put myself into a state where I would be a sitting duck if I overused it.

As for why Town? Well, it's a good question. At her very core, Rimi is a heroic figure, but a very flawed one. And there is an aura of mystery around her true intentions from the moment she's introduced all the way until the very end scene of the game, which also happens to be the prologue of the game too (though the true ending has a little extra, for obvious reasons). What better way to represent this than to have a Town Miller, a role that you can never truly trust until all is revealed? I'm pretty satisfied with it, all told. And, of course, the final reason for her being Town is her character theme song (see below), which plays during the end of her route. It's titled "Trust in Me", because in spite of the many layers you have to work through to understand what Rimi's character is all about, at her core, she's a heroine.