Future Events Second level of mythical zoans; Can hybrid Kaido fly

I feel that since kaido can fly in his animal form he should also be able to fly in his hybrid form, but that is not the case as he does not have any flame cloud on him. Reasons why I think mythical zoans hybrid would have another form
1. I think Kaido would have an ariel battle with Luffy so as not to completely destroy onigashima.
2. Another reason why I think mythical zoans might have another form is Marco, as his hybrid form does not look like the normal form.

Another scenario for the mythical zoans is complete control over their element in their hybrid.

So either kaido flys with his flame cloud, like he is using to lift onigashima or he as another form in which he is capable of flight
He can, nothing stops him from using clouds of his df ability.

And before anyone says he can't use his mythical zoan abilities in hybrid form, a reminder he did use a blast attack similarly to his dragon form. It's his df no reason to assume he can't.