Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

@Admiral Lee Hung i sold my PS4 and got a new PC. Which means if i want to play Sekiro i have to buy it and play it from the beginning all over again.

And i ain't even mad. I'll get better performance too. I remember close to the end after old Isshin dies you get a ridiculous frame rate drop on the PS4. Can't wait to grind it out again.

Playing it over and over in succession is probably not that enjoyable, but when you haven't touched it in almost a year, you definitely want to start it over.
Doing my 3rd play through right now. This game is legit lightning in a bottle.
Currently playing it. I finished Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order before starting and it seems I was able to transfer some of the battle knowledge like deflection and step dodges so first mini boss took me 2 tries.
As the story progresses it has just been getting better and better with several "nope" moments. I defeated Lady Butterfly and Gyobou the demon back to back.
Just finished defeating Genichiro who so far I think has the best fighting style. His Tomoe version was tricky because of the lightning, had two close dodges before winning.
Currently I've worked my way back to deal with The Headless..

Will play it again after completion because I've started realizing how to use some of the items like the sugars etc
Fantastic game