Shokugeki no Sanji Chapter-4

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Do you guys think we will see Sanji fighting some Okama masters in the future?
We.may be able to see these during this arc. If Oda plans of unveiling a PU related to his not yet seen devastating kicks, then it's only reasonable to have a 2-panel flashback but not necessarily covering all those battles but the manner in which he obtained all the recipes by getting stronger every single day for 700 days nonstop.


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Ivankov didn't put himself on that menu. "If yu want smoke, I have 99 smoke masters to dish out the smoke."
Yeah I know but he might have had a friendly exchange with him too at the end yet I personally believe that the odds he was defeated by Sanji assuming that even happened are abysmal.
Chapter was funny as hell :milaugh:

In this chapter it felt like the okama island was a real training and not some cringe moment in a random island :datas:

The art keeps on getting better each chapter aswell. :leohah:

It would be so interesting if Oda hinted what's all blue in one of shokugeki no sanji chapter :finally:

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This dude Sanji really create a national anthem for his fantasy Lmao I can't with this man.:kobeha:
"They were supposed to be on opposite sides"
@Kuro Ashi @Zoro D Goat and once again we see Sanji's ability to turn enemies into allies.
Truly, a frightening skill!:sanmoji:
It is indeed.