Shuumatsu No Valkyrie Chapter 46 - Accumulation

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Thanks for tagging me in mate :cheers:
By the way nice avatar, make a space for hmm i forgot the one who use bandana in RoR maybe he will great enough to join the grup :gokulaugh:


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With the way things are going it seems like Buddha is going to win however part of me still feels like this could all be a red herring, and that instead of winning the fight Buddha ends up getting defeated.

I really hope that doesn't happen because I really don't want to see Zerofuku winning the fight.
Great Chapter, Buddha uses Future Sight and dominates Zero. I still feel bad about Zero though. All he wanted was to make people happy and it was humanity which made him what he is.
Jesus made a cameo but didn't speak a word. Author probably wants to avoid controversy, I suppose. lol
Found this on reddit; :milaugh:

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