Powers & Abilities So Zoro and Roger can send air bar out

Zoro is

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Show me where they said Roger uses his sword as a catalyst :shocking:

Zoro and Roger are not swordmen since they send shock waves around :goyea:
What Roger did could be done with many weapons as far as we've seen, and where your reasoning fails is that this isn't about Zoro and Roger both doing something that isn't necessarily swordsmanship but Roger not doing something Zoro does on a regular basis and is indeed swordsmanship (relying on your swords as a main source of cutting power, and I stress "cutting" as it's the main point of the debate you open with).

Your reasoning will only work if we accept that what Roger did wasn't just sending a blast of haki (I assume) through his sword as catalyst but actually slashing with it; if not the case, then the sword is virtually irrelevant and therefore hard to talk about swordsmanship. And, sadly for you, the whole point of debate you referred revolved around discussing whether what Roger did was or not a swordsmanship technique.

In other words, for your comparison to work we need to accept your point of view to begin with but the debate is about whether that point of view is accurate or not. Therefore, your logic is ridiculous and your thread absurd.

Again, not saying Roger wasn't a swordsman, but I'm honest enough to not accept idiotic logic. For all we know, Kaido has been doing what Roger did but using a blunt club; I mean, Oden wasn't even slashed by this "cut" with Ace.

Roger and Zoro aren't swordmen and it is confirmed since both of them use the sword for shock waves around only swordmen cut around like Mihawk :blush:
Again, failing at making proper reasonings. Never is it stated that using the sword for shock waves turns you into a non-swordsman.

There isn't any debate. Roger a swordsman who loved his Sword.
Completely irrelevant to the logical problem with this thread. Don't fall on an ad logicam fallacy.
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• Hi guys ;

Today we will talk abou Roger and his attack Kumurasaki .

• As one friend of us here said @Chaves Roger didn't use a slash nothing about swordman ship he just sent an air bar or like what the VC described ( canon material ) a shockwave .

As you noticed that VC described that with a shockwave , Hmmm interesting now let's check Zoro sending shockwaves around :

Nitoryu style :
Hawk wave

Manga panel :

So as mr @Chaves claimed by saying Roger isn't a swordman because he sent an air bar which called a wave by VC which according to him a swordman wouldn't do it but Alas we have Zoro sending shock waves around with a named attack not cutting ppl by it :milaugh:

So Zoro isn't a swordman is confirmed :beckmoji:

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You always put a smile on my face.:cheers::cheers::cheers:


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the difference is than roger need his magic sword:ace and zoro can do with a knife
The grandmaster wins agains:steef::steef::steef:
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Roger isn't a swordsman. He's a guy that send air bar using a sword.
roger need ace to fight against the grandmaster:cheers::cheers::cheers:
roger with ace=<zoro:finally::finally::finally: