Spoiler MHA 409

Chapter 409: Quirk!!! Explosion

The chapter begins with Bakugou's birth. Mitsuki smiles as she looks at the baby while Masaru cries. We then see some flashbacks of him, such as him bullying Deku, him saying that he'll get stronger after their second fight and him saying that his quirk is strong.

Back to the present and Bakugou thinks to himself: "Izuku, I won't mess with you anymore". AFO launches his attack, but Bakugou shouts "burst" and an explosion hits AFO, causing him to fall to the ground. But he's confused because Bakugou hasn't moved.

Bakugou flies towards AFO and starts explaining. Since the rain affects his quirk, he covered up the explosive sweat drops with normal sweat drops. He then threw those drops into AFO's mouth at the end of chapter 406 and waited for them to explode when he attacked back. (???)

AFO can't believe he's been outsmarted and Bakugou says that he's always been very clever. He doesn't need a lot of quirks, "explosion" is more than enough. AFO realizes that the explosion has messed with his attack and that he needs to activate it once again.

AFO shouts "this is my story, you side character!!!" and what follows is a double spread of Howitzer Impact, a double spread of several explosions in a row and two more pages of explosions while Bakugou shouts "shut up!!!". Very satisfying stuff.

AFO feels that the quirk factors are not working as they should, and that's not just due to the explosions. "Is it because my body has become too small and fragile?!". That's when we see that AFO is now a child inside the vestige world too.

That's when Hawks' quirk's vestige shows up and says that all that anger has caused AFO to lose control of the vestiges and the quirks. Thanks to this, Hawks was even able to hold a fan meeting: all the other vestiges are fanboying and fangirling over him.

"At the end of the day, Shigaraki led to your downfall," says Hawks while sticking out his tongue. All Might comments that the physical and mental damage that everyone caused on AFO has finally paid off. "This is our story!!!", shouts Bakugou

The last double spread shows All Might, Mitsuki, Masaru and Yoichi watching the battle. After his last big explosion, Bakugou says "I'd never have been able to defeat you all by myself". End of chapter.

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I liked the chapter, AFOs defeat was definitely a team effort. Though, it felt frustrating at times with how things went.

But I would of rather see Shiggy take out the massive quirk release attack. Just think Shiggy really needs a huge feat to make himself feel like an unstoppable threat since he's literally doing nothing right now. He has basically done nothing this entire war besides knocking out a few heroes.


Lazy is the way
Loool the whole part with explosive sweat drops and putting them into AFO mouth :suresure:

so lamee

and that last attack from AFO…..

Let’s see what Shiggy has in store now, hope it’s better than this
AFO's design, powers and personality have been top tier for me for the longest time, I love the guy, but I can't think of a character that has been more mistreated than him ever since he started rewinding.

How excited I was for that when it started. Now I'm actually glad he's down and can't be mistreated further.