Speculations Ssg is a cyborg and it's already here

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  • Ssg is here

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  • Ssg isn't here

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  • Mihawk is yc3

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Shichibukais are test. Yonkos are the real thing. If SSG succeed against Shichibukais then it will be used against Yonkos. I don't believe anything different from that. But of course there is a possibility that SSG right now at Wano may happen. And would only fit to extend even more this boring arc.
SSG should be something truly groundbreaking that can only be achieved by Vegapunk, like a new class of devil fruit (such as zoan plus logia that turn you into a beast of magma). Cyborgs is just more of the same, this kind of progress needs to be perceived as qualitatively different for it to work, just like awakening goes beyond the user as it was the limit of the statu quo and the next step needed to defy it.


Oda's accuser
I think SSG will prove a main deal during the final war arc, but as of now the situation does not strike as particularly prominent if I had to be honest. Oda may not want to unleash all these cards so soon.