Anime & Manga Strongest character Zoro can defeat without fainting, sneak attacking or having a fodder say that he won

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Hmm let’s see. The strongest character he could defeat without excuses.....Ima have to say Beast Pirate: Headliner fourtricks at best.

cant seehim winning any other without plot.

You need to ease up though, I don't want you to get banned again.
Ill do my best.
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Your iq would have to be toddler level if you actually believe otherwise.....
Of course the guy facing 2 yonko is fourtricks level you are a genius tell me some more of your beliefs what ? The earth is flat ??? We dont deserve your intelligence.
If that's your legitimate thought process I feel bad for you. Please please don't become -1 chromo part 2
Please do refrain from comparing me to anyone else here. I’m too unique to be compared to anyone besides Kaios.

I’m not a folower like you that HA0 guy or this random cinera person who you could tell has no original thought process of their own.

Anyways i was joking. Pretty fun to rile you people up.
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