Questions & Mysteries sukuna's cursed tools

since we are soon abt to see sukuna reveal his cursed technique after his loss with 10 shadows
what do u think the cursed tools in his hand do ?

these tools in his hands just cant be something used for stabbing or slicing
cause sukuna has dismantle and cleave for that

it gotta have some sort of hax behind it
theres an old theory going around that the trident sukuna uses has a broken piece of ISOH attached to it which can help him negate cursed techniques

now who knows if the trident can actually be used like an ISOH
but one thing we know is that these cursed tools are hella relevant for sukuna in combat

when we see uro talking abt sukuna , u can actually see sukuna holding that trident

the same thing happens when gojo talks abt heian era sukuna
u can clearly see the cursed tools in sukuna's hands

now what hax do u think these tools will have ?
Yorozu’s tool should be far more busted than Split Soul Katana and that tool is already pretty fucking busted. Probably will be more busted than ISOH too.

Yorozu herself was cream crop of Heian era so her turning herself into a weapon would be the most broken thing aside from Prison Realm.
One down last one to go
First one is lightning

Does anyone who knows hindu myths know what the Last one will be? I heard it's one of the most powerful weapons in those myths