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Alright, let me drop some reviews on anime that finished this week.

Fluffy Paradise: 7/10. It's a wholesome show about a little girl that likes petting animals. The story is okay. Nothing too outstanding or anything.

The Fire Hunter Season 2: Also 7/10. The story wrapped up nicely but the animation is terrible. Season 1 is much superior with better animation, opening and ending songs. And I think you made a review about this anime if I remember correctly. @AL sama

Meiji Gekken: 1874: 8/10. Pretty enjoyable historical samurai seinen drama between the factions of major world power countries like Japan, Britain, France and whatnot. The ending is pretty good for a original anime by Crunchyroll.

Ishura: 8/10. Very underrated anime got too much hates from MAL monkeys. The characters, world building, animation and fights are phenomenal. And the best girl in this series, Nihilo is voiced by Rie Takahashi so that's a W. And I'm happy that it got a season 2 so that I could see the haters crying in salt. Love it. Passione really cooked with this anime considering they mostly do borderline hentai anime and whatnot.

Chained Soldier: 9/10. One of my favorite shows this winter season. Only downsides is that the CGI kinda sucks and the anime removed some scenes from the manga like Kyouka rewarding Yuuki in one of the earlier episodes. I blamed Pony Canyon for "butchering" this anime, not the studio's fault. And Tenka is best girl btw.

Instant Death Isekai: 6.5/10. One of those trashy hot dumpster parody Isekai. It's funny in its own way but if you expects a good story then this is not for you. It's just about an overpowered MC who can instantly kill anything and I mean ANYTHING with a simple "Die" from his mouth. Apparently his power is not bound by any rules so you could say the MC could kill Goku, Saitama or Rimuru if he were to shout first. But that's what I heard. I'm not sure about the source material so y'all might have to check the light novel for confirmation.

And that's about it. The Demon Prince of Momochi House and The Way of Pon reviews is next.
It's over, Frieren Fridays is finally over.:josad:

But wow what a fantastic anime, this was easily one of the best fantasy anime I've seen, even the side characters that were introduced during the exam ended up being really interesting as well.

Even though the anime might be done for now, I'm going to continue from the manga.:myman: