[FNZ] Turbo game The Alabasta Arc mafia game ( Game Thread)

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The Dandy Mafia has been slipping through the fingers of town for days and it seems like the trend continues today, not once did they let themselves get caught and managed to accomplish a clean sweep. With Town in shambles, they turn to Lynching Lamp in the hopes of perhaps catching some fithy ne'er do well. But alas, to no avail.

Light D Lamperouge A.k.A Usopp (Town Tracker) has been Lynched.

The Dandy Mafia:

@Go D. Usopp ™ (Mr.1)

Win the game!

Thanks for playing everyone!

Final is literally the worst townie on this entire forum, but what’s really disappointing is how willingly everyone goes along with his bullshit...y’all never learn the lesson that trusting him is a one-way ticket to Loserville for the good guys.
No offence man. I really like you, but it smells like the scent of salt mostly related to your lynch than the rest. :kayneshrug:

Also didn't you shoot 4 townies or something in a game once?


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ggs guys

our roles btw

You guys are The Dandy Mafia,

Sir Crocodile (Mafia Goon)/ Lanji Cucksmoke.

You can perform the faction kill every night.
If the Mafia Goon dies, the Roleblocker upgrades into the Mafia Goon but loses his previous role.

Mr.1 A.k.A Daz Bonez (Mafia Blocker)/ Go. D Usopp.

You can Roleblock a given player every night.

Wincon: Eliminate All threats to Mafia.
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