Speculations The Alliance Will Fail, But Tama Will Help Everyone Escape Using Her Power

No. There’s been far too much set up for all this to go back to square one and having to set everything back up again. At the very most Kaido (and maybe King given he can fly) will fly to the Flower Capital for the final battle having beaten everyone and Luffy and a select bunch of others will chase him.
We're almost 90 chapters into the arc of Wano, do we really not even need, but want the set ups, action, etc. to go back to square one? I insist: will people even enjoy another, what, 30 additional chapters about the alliance losing, then escaping, then reorganizing, then coming back for revenge, then establishing the versus, etc.? I personally don't, and I don't recall any arc in which everybody was defeated and had a round two. As far as I understand it, the alliance will defeat the Beasts Pirates except for Kaido, who will fly to the mainland in order to destroy it in revenge and that's where he will fall in the hands of Luffy.
I think that the raid will fail as the Scabbards weren't able to beat Kaido and probably some will even die in this fight, but dont think the alliance as a whole will be defeated, just that after much fight between the Alliance and the Beast Pirates, Kaido will go to the mainland where the final fight will happen, but by this time most of the forces on the two sides will have not much to do in this final fight
No they will not fail, the only ones that will "go down" early are the scabbards which will further serve as motivation for Luffy to try even harder when he fights Kaido.

She will be a plot device to counter the Beast pirates when they gain an advantage but thats about it
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Not this time.

This time at least one yonko goes down.

We expected it to happen on WCI. Was it too soon? Ok legit. Also because Luffy claimed he would have dealt with Big Mom *only after* Kaido was done for.

So overall it would be extremely poor and bad writing if nothing happened in this arc, specially after all the Oden stuff that came into place.