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- Chapter 1,029: "Red Hair".
- Sanji Vs Queen
- Sanji is remembering Judge's words...
- Queen shoots a barrage of lasers hitting Sanji
- Sanji recovers from that attack, he is still more worried about his new powers
- Queen: "Damn you Judge's brat! You are forcing me to use this!"
- Raizo Vs Fukurokuju

- Raizo defeats Fukurokuju with an Oden attack, Fukurokuju didn't expect a samurai style attack
- Killer Vs Hawkins continues
- Killer: "I get it, it's quite simple to figure your tricks when you are calm"
- Killer cuts Hawkins left arm. Hawkins is defeated and is left bleeding on the ground.
- Kid & Law Vs Big Mom
- Kid: "I don't know why but I feel much better, time to show this old hag how it's done, she is nothing compared to Red Hair!
- Law: "Eustass-ya?!"
- At the end of the chapter, Kid is transforming in a new form, only a silhouette is shown.
- No Break Next Week.
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