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I'm betting my sanity this will be the chapter Momo is going to stop Onigashima from floating, effectively saving the capital, I also, for whatever reason, believe Boa Hancock will show up this chapter
If I end up wrong though, then I am to wank Orochi's ass for eternity


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
spoilers: Joyboy?
Big Mom defeats Kid and Law
Kaido and Luffy are fighting. Kaido has a flasback aboaut Xebec.
Kaido: I will change the world and become the new Joyboy
Big Mom starts to cry and she is defeated.
Kid and Law: Who are you?
Showing up Shiryu
Shiryu: and you wanted to be the Pirate Queen, Big Mom
We return with Luffy and Kaido.
Kaido: What happen? Who are you?
BB: Zee hahaha you will be new Joyboy? you are only the Rox dog.
BB uses the same attack than Wb used agaisnt akainu. Kaido is defeated.
Luffy: BB why are you here?
BB: For the ponegryphs and Robin. Zee hahaha
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